9-month old Gabriel Johnson

9-month old Gabriel Johnson

A variety of things are going down in the investigation of what Tot Mom, Elizabeth Johnson, did with baby Gabriel. Nancy Grace last night talked about an eyewitness having spotted Tot Mom meeting with a Hispanic male and a couple in their mid-30s just before baby Gabriel disappeared. But the best news is that a private investigator (PI) who charges as much as one million dollars a case is now searching for the 9-month-old baby boy.

Seems like we have been told that LE is gearing up to search a landfill for Gabriel Johnson for the last several weeks. Yet, LE still has not searched that landfill in Texas. The reason is rather obvious: MONEY. It is not entirely clear where Tot Mom might have dumped baby Gabriel. She could have done it almost anywhere in San Antonio. Plus, if she took off on her bus trip with the diaper bag as carry on luggage, Tot Mom could have disposed of Gabriel at any bus stop along the way to Florida. Hence, LE is reluctant to waste a great deal of money on what is likely to be a fruitless search.

Nancy Grace covered the Tot Mom story once again, last night. But true to form, Nancy had so much repeat material on her show that it was a major project to try to figure out what in the world she was talking about. She reported on an eyewitness sighting, yet no other news sources have covered that angle. If Nancy’s eyewitness turns out to be anything like Tot Mom’s baby sitter, I wouldn’t place too much credence in the latest Nancy Grace nonsense.

Logan McQueary, along with his cousins, Lisa and Joe Peters, are reported to be heading out to San Antonio, Texas today to do their own search for Gabriel. His plan is to retrace the entire route taken by Tot Mom from Tempe, Arizona, to San Antonio, Texas; handing out fliers along the way.

World famous private Investigator Jay J. Armes, aka “The Investigator,” has been finding missing people for 40 years. He is best known for finding Marlon Brando’s son in the 70’s. Armes who charges up to $1 million a case has announced that he and his team have joined the search for Gabriel. They will be working the case from the San Antonio area. And, I am happy to report that they are, also, planning on investigating LE’s persons of interest, Jack and Tami Smith.