Reading the six incident reports that were released by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) reveals some interesting information about the method of operation of the Satsuma 4 Plus 1 prescription drug gang.

In all of the drug stings, an under cover officer first had to leave Misty Croslin a message on her cell phone to call him back.

Every member of the Satsuma 4 Plus 1 prescription drug gang made the fatal decision to consummate the drug transactions inside the under cover agent’s automobile. Most of the time, they actually chose to ride along with the officer inside the very car that LE had rigged up with both audio and video recording equipment. Misty Croslin usually assumed the passive role by sitting in the front passenger seat while the power player, or the person who actually sold the drugs, always sat in the rear passenger seat.

On Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at approximately 2:30 pm the famous McDonalds restaurant incident at 2627 Reid St, Palatka, Florida went down.

After the under cover officer met up with Misty and Tommy Croslin who had arrived in their own car, Tommy went to talk to an unidentified man in a Black Chevy Truck, who presumably gave him the drugs. But Tommy, also, had the opportunity to retrieve the pills that could have been hidden in some bushes.

Tommy and Misty entered the under cover agent’s car to complete the sale of 45 oxycodone pills for $750.00 whereupon both Misty and Tommy exited the car. And, drove off in their own automobile.

Then on Tuesday, January 8th, 2010 the next score went down. The under cover agent started working Misty at 2 o’clock in the morning. Misty responded that she was riding with Donna in Brock’s car. The crime duo was coming from Virginia and would be in Brunswick, Georgia at 02:23 am. They were to meet up with the under cover agent at 4 o’clock in the morning with the pills.

Misty Croslin characteristically had loose lips. Misty told the officer that she did not like to use her own cell phone. That Donna needed the money. She also started to freak out because a lot of money and a lot of pills would be involved in this transaction. Further, she did not want to get into trouble. But asked if the nice officer could please drive her back home, afterwards?

The exchange of 155 oxycodone pills for $800.00 took place in front of the Flying J Truck Stop on 950 State Rd 206, Saint Augustine, Florida. Afterward, Donna Brock immediately exited the officer’s car with the money and took off heading south.

Misty Croslin remained in the car while the officer drove the excited little girl home to 116 Tyler St, Satsuma, Florida. Because Misty was so sweet, the officer insisted on giving Misty an extra hundred dollars for brokering the transaction with Brock. Misty told him that he would be able to buy more drugs from Donna in about three months.

Then there were three more related buys that took place in early January. On the 18th of January 2010, Misty Croslin was sufficiently trained, or shall we say dumb enough, to consummate an illegal drug transaction by herself, along with a black haired white female that PCSO has only identified as Kelly. New information indicates that she is a minor and is the sister of Kristina “NayNay” Prevatt. On the first two deals, Hope Sykes, the 18-year-old simply sat in the backseat of the under cover agent’s car and did virtually nothing but receive on the job training.

On Tuesday January 12th at approximately 10 pm Misty returns the under cover’s agent’s phone call and informs him that she had been robbed of the $100 that he had given her for brokering their last transaction. This was an unreported robbery. Apparently, Misty Croslin had wised up enough not to call 911 every time she gets robbed. Nevertheless, Misty still did not possess enough smarts to buy enough minutes for her cell phone. Seems that LE had offered to buy her minutes that night.

The officer originally requested 30 pills. But Misty and Ronald were a little short and only offered the agent 9 pills. LE was instructed to drive to 2nd Avenue, Welaka, Florida. The three clowns (Misty, Ronald, and Hope) arrived on foot with the 9 Hydrocodone pills, which were sold to LE by Ron for $65.00. The gang of three then promptly took off again on foot.

Being short on the pills, LE once again called Misty on the following day at around 4 pm. Misty returned their call and said that she had 25 pills to offer at $7.00 a piece. Ronald Cummings in the background chipped in that he did not want any more mix-ups, which apparently was in reference to the crime trio having had to take off on foot, yesterday. Perhaps, that was how Misty managed to have gotten robbed a few days ago?

LE this time was instructed to arrive at Old San Mateo road. The crime trio showed up in Ron’s white Chevy truck. Characteristically Ron then instructed LE to drive to yet another location. Apparently, as a security precaution Ronald always liked to hide the drugs in the bushes. A lot of maneuvering was always necessary before LE was able to have the pills in hand. After all, the brilliant suspects wanted to impress the under cover agent with their smarts.

This time 25 Hydrocodone pills were purchased from Misty Croslin-Cummings, Ronald Cummings, and Hope Sykes for $190.00.

One more drug transaction was made on Thursday the 14th, this time without Hope; at around 7 pm. Misty called back and told LE to arrive at the same Old San Mateo road location.

Ronald and Misty arrived in their white Chevy truck. After a whole lot of driving around in a failed attempt to confuse LE, a drug transaction of 71 Hydrocodone pills went down for $500.00. This time the crime duo had an epiphany. They charged LE an extra $30.00 payment for facilitating the deal. Misty and Ronald had finally arrived in the big time!

A few days later on January 18th, having been thoroughly trained in the ways of selling drugs on the street Misty Croslin, along with the mystery women who turned out to be Kelly Dodd, sold LE 18 Hydrocodone pills all by themselves.

The price was $140.00. Feeling embolden she charged LE an additional $40.00 payment for facilitating the deal. On the way back to Ronald Cummings the crime masterminds had LE drive Kelly back to her mother’s house on Tropic Avenue. Then it was off to meet Ron at a Kangaroo convenience store on Highway 17. Upon arriving, Ronald Cummings jumped into LE’s car to discuss a future drug deal. They had established customers willing to pay $7 a pop, plus a handling fee of $40. With visions of more money in their eyes, the prospering crime duo took off in Ron’s truck shortly thereafter.