Could Steph Watts ever be worse than Simon Barrett on Blog Talk Radio? Tonight, it was a big yes! It was a jumbled tale of a women who had allegedly listen to bits and pieces of some 24 hours of Donna’s secret tapes made of Misty Croslin. Steph’s guest simply was not familiar with the Haleigh Cummings case, and could not remember very many specifics.

Tim Miller started out the show. Between the Road Rage incident and Steph Watts’ ratting out Donna for giving Misty prescription drugs on their trip to CBS in New York, Miller had let Donna Brock go from EquuSearch at the end of October. Both Misty and Donna were mad at both Tim Miller and Nancy Grace. Apparently, the duo was trying to blackmail both of them.

There were some allegations that Misty did not mention Ronald, that Haleigh is dead, and that the body was first burned up before being disposed of. Adolf Hitler’s body was cremated with little more than a blanket and some gasoline. IMHO, burning the body of a small child in the woods at night in Florida was entirely possible.

Misty Croslin was proud of being able to fool LE. Donna had put a lot of effort into coaching Misty as to what she should say to the media. And, that Croslin had giggled about what had happen to Haleigh.

If Donna Brock ever tries to sing to the police they probably wont be interested since there are quite a few witnesses to her trying to sell information for money. Then there are the blackmail issues. Plus LE has been aware of these tapes and actually told Donna to destroy them.

There are supposedly so many recordings that somebody knowledgeable about Haleigh’s disappearance would have to listen to all of them to see if Misty ever managed to say anything incriminating or at least revealing. Even then the tapes were allegedly illegally recorded and/or staged with very little credibility behind them other than the fact that Misty’s voice is on them. Somebody in the media could probably edit them into an interesting hour show. Unfortunately, there is no video, so that was another problem or reason why Donna’s tapes did not sell. They would play better on YouTube. Heck, Donna Brock if she was Internet savvy at all could have sold them on a subscription basis on a private website just like porn is so often marketed.

I will let the chat room log speak for itself which went on for another thirty minutes after Steph’s show went off the air.

Crowcuss says to (20:20:15):
why did LE tell her to destroy tapes??

whittymom says to (20:23:46):
What did Misty say other than laughing about HaLeigh

LFlorida says to (20:25:02):
I am completely lost now.

WillenFan21 says to (20:25:45):
I am calling BS on this

WillenFan21 says to (20:27:06):
I’m sorry but why would Donna show some random person that she met on facebook these tapes?

xfiles says to (20:28:38):
jacque, please focus on what steph is asking of you………facts, just facts

FystyAngel says to (20:30:34):
This is crazy. She’s not telling us anything we don’t really already know

Mitzie says to (20:31:27):
tell us something we don’t already know please? Did she say what happen to Haleigh and if so What????????????????????????????????????

Crowcuss says to (20:33:44):
please give us a specific
houstonsherry says to (20:33:45):
please spit it out!!!

LavendarLassie says to (20:35:50):
we all want to know what we DONT know thats on them tapes please?

LavendarLassie says to (20:36:53):
look, this is not different than anyting we all ready know!

Dsntslp says to (20:39:00):
Unless they had access to a cremetorium it is virtually impossible to burn a body without a huge bonfir, thousands of degrees of heat are required, a fire that big woulda been seen and turned in even in Satsujma

houstonsherry says to (20:41:35):
we know all of this\

LavendarLassie says to (20:53:29):
you all may as well just give up this lady is not going to tell us anyting

DiamondClarity says to (20:54:43):
I think Misty and Donna staged the tapes

… [Steph Watts’ Broadcast Has Officially Ended] …

DebGoldsberry says to (21:04:35):
so what did we learn? DB did this for $$$unlike Tim(L)
Steph Watts says to (21:04:48):
not much…i failed 😦

LFlorida says to (21:06:05):
Just BEWARE strangers bearing tapes.
Steph Watts says to (21:06:19):
Thnks Meemaw, i thought she was going to give us something good….oh well

Steph Watts says to (21:09:28):
next time I will do a pre interview first

Meemaw says to (21:16:45):
I can’t be hard on Jackie, we were looking for new facts, the tapes didn’t provide them about HaLeigh, just coaching of Misty by Donna

Steph Watts says to (21:19:24):
LE is good, they’re frustarted cause everyone is a crack head and they cant get a straight answer, I swear, thts what LE said to me

Steph Watts says to (21:26:42):
Please come back next week you’ all are great!!!!!!

Steph Watts says to (21:28:08):
good night gang really i appreciate you all very much…