The Levi Page Blog Talk Radio Show on Friday and Simon Barrett’s Week in Review on Sunday were both disappointing in regards to the Satsuma 4 Plus 1 Drug Bust. Will tonight’s Watts Up With This show be any better?

Ronald  Cummings' Bent Neck

Ronald Cummings'
Bent Neck

I would say that the Levi Page Show was more interesting than the ho-hum performance of Simon Barrett since Levi is motivated enough to schedule different guest panelists for each of his shows. About the only thing that came out of both shows was that more arrests are to be expected.

One of Levi’s guests did however make an interesting comment about the characteristic bent in Ronald’s neck.

The lack of good information on Donna Brock offered on Blog Talk Radio has so far been quite disappointing, but the Levi Page Show did manage to bring up some dirt on her. Don’t these talk show hosts realize that what is most interesting about the Satsuma 4 Plus 1 Drug Bust was the inclusion of Donna Brock and the very obvious Texas EquuSearch connection? Thank goodness that Steph’s Watts Up With This show could potentially fill in all the missing information on the mystery person, Donna Brock, on his 8 pm broadcast.

It all makes you wonder if Simon Barrett is still amused?

Simon did bring up Cobra, but failed so far to throw him under the bus. Could be because according to Simon Barrett, the high-profile group that was interested in bonding out both Misty and Tommy Croslin had dropped the services of William “Cobra” Staubs.

Tj Hart managed to chip in that in the green room during his last appearance on the Nancy Grace show; Misty Croslin-Cummings had personally told him point blank that there never had been any fight between her and Ronald Cummings. And, Tj went on about how Misty would like to on occasion check up on what the public was saying about her on TV and on the Internet. For me, this damage control on Blog Talk Radio was just about the only interesting thing that was mentioned on Simon Barrett’s latest Week in Review show.