Crystal Sheffield has a Message for Kim and Ronald

Crystal Sheffield has a Message for Kim and Ronald

Woody Allen once said ninety percent of success is just showing up. That was certainly true for the Ronald Cummings, Jr. emergency custody hearing; because little Butterbean is finally home with his mom.

We last met up with Crystal Sheffield in Kim Picazio Feels Vindicated.

A lot of people have said a lot of bad things about Crystal Sheffield over the last 11 months. Allegations have been made about sex, drugs, her cheating on her fiancé, and the thousands collected in donations to the Haleighbug Center.

In life good things often come to those who can wait.

Unlike Ronald Cummings, Crystal Sheffield actually managed to show up in a Palatka courthouse on Thursday over who should get custody of her son. Since she is the birth mother of Butterbean that was all it really took for her to take custody away from Ronald and his extended family. Seems that Ronald Cummings, Sr arrested on drug charges was being held in the Flagler County jail.

Now only time will tell if Crystal Sheffield will take full advantage of this golden opportunity to once again become a mother to her son. And, whether she will be able to rise above her addictions and needs and actually look out for the best interests of Junior.

Has anybody seen Kim Picazio?