After having taken Monday off on Holiday, Nancy Grace actually had the nerve to claim that she was introducing bombshell just released photos of Baby Gabriel that were taken by Tot Mom, Elizabeth Johnson. Then seconds before going off the air, Nancy catches the nanny lying about the baby’s clothes being filthy.

How Nancy Grace would normally have reacted, we will never know since she had to immediately wrap the show up. But, just like a previous commenter on this blog had written, it was quite obvious with these comments of hers that Gabriel’s nanny Analisa Urias had been playing to the camera all along. She was telling Nancy, just what the bulldog wanted to hear.

Nancy Grace: “When you say he was filthy, what do you mean by that?”

Analisa Urias: “In the photos, he looks very filthy. He didn`t look that bad when I babysat him. But as I was looking at the photos, you know, he looked pretty bad. His clothes are dirty and, you know, he just looks filthy.

Nancy Grace: “Analisa, thank you for being with us.”

Sad Looking Baby Gabriel

Sad Looking Baby Gabriel, on December 26th.

Six new pictures show Baby Gabriel in a Texas motel. The pictures show a lot of things, but a filthy looking baby in a messy dirty unorganized motel room is certainly not one of them.

I mean really, at this point, I would seriously have to question the validity of everything that the babysitter has said on Nancy Grace. Every room at the motel that Tot Mom was staying at had a built in small kitchen of which Analisa has said virtually nothing about even though we have been led to believe that she actually had to prepare one bottle of baby formula from scratch.

Of the six pictures, only picture number two looked remotely dirty to me. It looked like some type of orange-brownish stain on the bottom left near the baby’s neck. That stain probably came from a recent feeding accident where Tot Mom had wiped the food off. No doubt, the mother was traveling light and probably only had a limited number of clean outfits for Gabriel. Sure, the cleanliness of that one outfit was less than perfect. But Gabriel’s outfits certainly were not filthy; unless Analisa Urias thought that the “whites” were not somehow white enough for her tastes.

Earlier in the Nancy Grace show a five-minute telephone argument allegedly took place in the presence of Tot Mom’s nanny which somehow was never mention in the previous show where Analisa was first introduced. How was that even possible? Was the phone argument just an embellishment made entirely up by the nanny?

Nancy Grace: “So the only thing you recall her saying is, what am I supposed to do? Go back? That`s the only thing you recall her saying?”

Analisa Urias: “That`s the only thing I recall her saying, yes.”

Analisa Urias: “She told me, I`m sorry, that was my grandma. She`s scared because my baby`s dad is threatening her to tell her where we are and we`re in a custody battle.”

So far, no grandmother has ever been introduced by the press. Perhaps Tot Mom was lying? Maybe she was actually talking to Tammi Smith? Whoever it was, it appears to have been somebody she was taking instructions from on either the 19th or 20th of December. If this phone conversation actually took place, whomever Tot Mom was talking to should be prosecuted by LE as they were fully aware of where the endangered 8-month-old baby boy was located.