Tempe police have reported that they are looking into an online comment made by a Wisconsin women claiming to have adopted a child they called Baby Gabriel in San Antonio, Texas.

Unfortunately, all kinds of nutcases are operating on the Web. So, I would not put too much credence in these type of things. It is probably just another Internet hoax.

Wisconsin Women Claims to Have Adopted Baby Gabriel

Wisconsin Women Claims to Have Adopted Baby Gabriel

It refers to a comment left on the BeckyHiggins.com, blog. “Beth” wrote:

“I live in WI, but am currently in San Antonio, TX. My husband and I are adopting a handsome baby boy that was placed into our care on January 1. I’ve decided to make my project life about Baby Gabriel. Even though I won’t be home when my project arrives I am clicking away taking his photo here in San Antonio.”

At any rate, LE is investigating this comment. It will be interesting to see if they ever figure out who actually made it.

In a similar vein, somebody recently left a comment on this blog claiming to be Tammi Fay Smith’s X-husband which has attracted a lot of attention. WordPress blogs have very little comment authorship security. Just about anybody could have posted Keith’s comment.