The important questions still have not been answered on what has happened to Baby Gabriel. At this point all that we can do is ponder what was Tot Mom thinking? And, find out what in the baby’s parents’ life might have led up to this sorry state of affairs.

Baby Gabriel’s mother, Elizabeth Johnson, is a product of the foster-care system who grew up living with five different families before returning at the age of 12 to her drug addicted father.

Gabriel’s father, Logan McQueary, has a felony record that includes burglaries in 2004. He has since been able to work as an electrician.

Tot Mom hooked up with McQuearys after he became friends with Johnson’s twin brother, Richard. But actually she had first met him in junior high school. The death of Elizabeth’s father and that of McQueary’s mother brought the couple closer together.

When baby Gabriel was conceived, the couple moved to Arizona to be near her grandfather, Bob Johnson. Elizabeth had at first considered terminating the pregnancy. Upon Gabriel’s birth, the couple had discussed adoption before deciding upon raising the boy. Contrary to the nonsense coming from the Smiths, no discussion of adoption from Tot Mom came up again until December, according to the grandfather.

Tot Mom appeared to have become mentally unstable and volatile possibly due to postpartum depression when she destroyed two different apartments that the couple were living in. Once in September because Elizabeth had gotten mad at her brother over the telephone, she ended up cutting up the baby’s clothes, busted up the crib, and broke every window in their apartment.

Then came an order of protection against Tot Mom for the father. Followed by the couple breaking up in mid-December. With Tot Mom filing a report to LE that Gabriel had been kidnapped.

This led up to the present scene of Tot Mom having run off with Baby Gabriel. After being on the lamb from a Tempe trailer park on December 21st, in a petition to enforce child-custody determination, the baby’s father wrote, “When Elizabeth gets mad, she can and will hurt the baby.”

Sad Looking Baby Gabriel

Sad Looking Baby Gabriel
December 26th.

Tot Mom turned up in San Antonio, Texas where she spent Christmas alone and away from her family for at least one week. What was Tot Mom thinking? Tot Mom’s Nanny reported a sad state of affairs for the baby on around the 20th when she had to attend an important meeting.

We know that she had taken pictures of her 8-month-old baby boy around Christmas day and the day after. By then she had managed to clean up both her room and Gabriel. It appears that the child did have a handful of tiny toys to play with, but not nearly enough. On December 27th, the day after that her last picture of Baby Gabriel was taken, Tot Mom remembers to get even with Logan McQueary. She text messages him that she has killed his son. Whereupon the father reports the incident to LE. A massive search for Baby Gabriel is begun that involves the FBI.

Tot Mom's Family Pictures

Tot Mom's Family Pictures

Tot Mom, also, managed to have brought with her family pictures that were placed on the motel’s nightstand. They look like a snap possibly of her and her twin brother as children, and one of her mother holding Baby Elizabeth. How many people do that while on a road trip? What was Tot Mom thinking? How did she spend all her time between the 20th and Christmas? Was she with Baby Gabriel, or out partying?

The weekend also brings with it a couple of new events to ponder. On Thursday night, the would be adoptive parent’s house of Jack and Tammi Smith was searched for six hours by LE. Condescending and smug as always, the Smiths gave the press a lot of lip about it. Hopefully, LE located enough new evidence to bust them on some type of a charge. Falsifying official court documents regarding Tammi claiming that her first cousin was Gabriele’s father would be a good start.

Tot Mom Elizabeth Johnson on Saturday night made a brief phone call to her grandfather. It was a rather bizarre request for him to pick up $300 cash and a ring that she had been wearing.