Nancy Grace Bombshell: A babysitter has come forward that has painted a very bleak picture of the life baby Gabriel had with her Tot Mom. Eight-month-old Gabriel Johnson was neglected, thin, dirty, scared, and doped up on Tylenol.

An 18-year-old Hispanic woman, Analisa, that was reportedly seen by a hotel maid was on the Nancy Grace show last night talking about her experiences with Tot Mom and babysitting baby Gabriel.

At 11:45 in the morning, on either December 20th or the 19th, Tot Mom goes out to an important appointment wearing a midriff top, tight low-rise jeans and stiletto heels. Like so many young women now a days, she finds walking around half-naked, with her stomach and belly button sticking out, perfectly normal and acceptable. In her mind, she was dressing to impress. And, pays Analisa $40 to babysit Gabriel for not more than two hours at a San Antonio, Texas hotel.

Tot Mom had responded to an ad that the Hispanic nanny had put up on Craigslist.

According to Analisa, the baby was in bad condition. He was thin, looked unhappy, and scared. The baby had no toys to play with. Nor was the babysitter able to get the baby to play with her. All that Gabriel wanted was to be held constantly by Analisa. Tot Mom, allegedly, told her that if the baby cries she was to shut him up by giving Gabriel more medicine.

What we have so far is that Tot Mom Elizabeth Johnson was paying for two different hotel rooms in San Antonio. She allegedly had obtained a faked Texas ID with a different name. Elizabeth Johnson had access to a computer and Craigslist. And, had at first attempted to get the babysitter to take baby Gabriel to her own house. She went out around lunch time for a couple of hours and came back smiling.

What ever Tot Mom was up to, it involved a lot of planning and deceit. It was very possible that Elizabeth would have gladly abandoned baby Gabriel with babysitter Analisa had, what she was trying so hard to do, fallen through.