The pushy Tammi and Jack Smith are not what they have represented themselves to be on Nancy Grace and elsewhere in the media. This blogger has uncovered some dirt on LE’s persons of interest.

As previously reported in Did Tammi Smith Manipulate Tot Mom, Tammi nailed, vilified, and otherwise slandered the father, Logan McQueary with a very forceful and controlling message throughout a video produced by Yami Virgin of KABB Fox 29 in San Antonio, Texas.

That made me wonder about Tammi and Jack Smith’s adopted daughter, Hannah. Perhaps, the Smiths had also tricked the birth father of Hannah into giving up all rights to his daughter?

Sure enough, Pat McReynolds in Tammi, Jack Smith Still Persons of Interest In Gabriel Johnson Disapearance has reported that Travis Andrews Warford, Hannah’s biological father, was allegedly stripped of his parental rights without proper notification by the Smiths use of Janet Morris, an adoption specialist in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to court documents, [Janet] Morris was once challenged for allegedly stripping a father of his parental rights without properly notifying him.

In Police: Person Of Interest Withheld Information Donna Rossi a reporter for KPHO, reported that Craig Cherry who Elizabeth Johnson had identified as a possible father of baby Gabriel, when she started claiming that Logan McQueary might not be the father, is actually Tammi Smith’s first cousin. The two of them are allegedly very close. Further, according to Craig, he has never ever met Elizabeth Johnson in person.

Tammi Smith admitted she drove [Elizabeth] Johnson to court to file the paternity request. She even made three copies of the paperwork that clearly labeled her cousin, Craig Cherry, as the possible father of the boy she wanted to adopt.

Did Elizabeth Johnson perjure herself already by knowingly making false statements about Craig Cherry in her paternity request to the court? Or, was Logan McQueary simply being played a fool by Elizabeth when she intentionally conceived a child with Craig, Tammi’s cousin?

The controlling Smiths seemed to have omitted these little details to both LE and Nancy Grace.