Elizabeth Johnson tells the Maricopa County, Arizona judge that everything that the prosecutor has said is completely false. The court responded by telling Tot Mom, NOT to interrupt. But, did the gravity of her situation finally register with the Tot Mom?

Tot Mom, Elizabeth Johnson, is now back in Arizona. She has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of with kidnapping, child abuse and custodial interference.

The Tot Mom finally has achieved an impressive criminal record.

You`ve arrested on a direct complaint warrant alleging custodial interference, a class 4 felony. You`ve also been arrested on new charges alleging child abuse, a class 2 felony, and one count of kidnapping.

A prosecutor cited statements by the mother in a confession that she had previously made to Logan McQueary that she had killed baby Gabriel, put his body in a diaper bag and threw him in a trash bin. Bail was set to bond at $1.1 million, cash. All that the Tot Mom could do was shake her head no, and interrupt the judge while asking for a lawyer.

Nancy Grace chipped in: She`s looking at … probably about 30 years.

This is how LE is supposed to work. Waiting for the perfect evidence to come in has let criminals in Putnam County, Florida get away with their crimes. Having the suspect rot in jail awaiting prosecution for kidnapping, child abuse and custodial interference with a $1.1 million bond has given both parties wiggle room to maneuver. LE having a bargaining chip could ultimately result in the safe recovery of baby Gabriel.

One can only wonder if some publicity seeking maverick bounty hunter will step forward to post her bond? And, will Tot Mom Elizabeth Johnson end up with a dream team?

“Gabriel was in San Antonio. He was there, he was alive, he was well,” Kim Hale, who is leading the Tempe police’s investigation, had said on Monday. “Elizabeth Johnson left San Antonio without him, that we can confirm.” Elizabeth Johnson is the only person who can explain what happened to Baby Gabriel in San Antonio, Texas.

The Smiths are still LE’s persons of interest. They are now playing the poor me; the Tot Mom duped us card. Jack and Tammi Smith have been withholding information from LE all along. The results of a polygraph test taken last Friday by the Smith’s who wanted to adopt Gabriel Johnson came back as inconclusive. Failing to have been cleared by their lie detector tests has done nothing to give their spin on the situation any credibility.

Bulldog Nancy Grace has been hotly following the case of the new Tot Mom, Elizabeth Johnson, with exclusive coverage for several days.

Michael Board, WOAI radio: They said when she was in that Miami youth hostel where she was caught, she had gone shopping. There was clothes. She`s gotten her nails done.

Baby Gabriel’s father, Frank McQueary, has told AP that he has always believed that the Tot Mom has undiagnosed bipolar disorder, and has consistently refused to seek help.