Tot Mom, Elizabeth Johnson

Tot Mom, Elizabeth Johnson

A lot of things have been going on behind the scenes in the disappearance of Gabriel Johnson. Somebody appears to have tried to blackmail the father of Gabriel. Is that why the Smiths have been declared persons of interest by LE? At the very least, Tammi Smith has a controlling personality that could quite possibly have manipulated a weak-minded mother into fleeing with her baby boy.


Weak-Minded Tot Mom

Why is Elizabeth Johnson weak-minded? Seven months ago, Tammi Smith ran into the mother at an airport. Tammi managed to have talked the distraught Elizabeth into letting the Smiths adopt baby Gabriel without going through an adoption agency. The mother has since told LE that she had handed over, with no questions asked, her baby boy to a couple that she had met in a spur of the moment deal at a park in Texas. If that is not the sign of a weak-minded person who can easily be manipulated into doing almost anything, then what is?


Is Tammi Smith Controlling?

Tammi Smith, if not quite a sociopath, then she definitely has a controlling personality, IMHO. If you do not believe me then all you have to do is watch the video made by her beloved contact in San Antonio, Texas: Yami Virgin of KABB Fox 29. Tammi nailed, vilified, and otherwise slandered the father, Logan McQueary with a very forceful and controlling message throughout the entire video without offering a shred of evidence. This is why Tammi has been praising Yami so much on Nancy Grace. That weak-minded reporter fell for Tammi’s nonsense: hook, line, and sinker. If I were Gabriel’s father, I would sue both Tammi Smith and Fox 29 for slander.

Smiths persons of Interest – Could it be about a blackmail attempt?

Tempe police have said that Elizabeth Johnson sent the father threatening messages about their son before December 26th. On the 27th, the mother called and text messaged McQueary that she had killed Baby Gabriel. But has not Logan McQueary, also, claimed that Jack and Tammi Smith who were interested in adopting Gabriel had subsequently contacted him? The Smiths reportedly told Logan that if he wanted his [then dead] son to have a safe home, then he would have to sign their adoption papers.

Not only does that suggest that Elizabeth Johnson acted in collusion with the Smiths, but that Tammi and Jack actually might have tried to force Logan, the father, into signing their non-court authorized adoption papers. I am willing to bet that LE is working very hard to come up with the evidence needed to bust the Smiths.

It Tammi Smith is not criminally prosecuted for her role in this sorry affair, then Logan McQueary should at the very least sue Tammi for every penny that her controlling ass has.