8-month old Gabriel Johnson

Baby Gabriel Johnson has a Tot Mom.

The disappearance of 8-month old Gabriel Johnson by his mother Elizabeth has a lot in common with Tot Mom Casey Anthony.

Elizabeth Johnson claims to have given her baby away in Russell Park “which sounds amazingly like the tot mom Casey Anthony story that her baby was swiped from her in a public park. Eerie, eerie similarities” … as reported by Nancy Grace last night.

“They wanted the baby and she simply gave it to them,” said Bob Johnson, Elizabeth’s grandfather. “It sounded like a pretty weak story. It was almost on the border of unbelievable that a person would do that with an 8-month-old child.”

It is more than unbelievable. I would say that it is downright looney. It is a story that only a Tot Mom could come up with.

Rather than have looney parents, this new Tot Mom has screwy would-be adoptive parents, a Phoenix Arizona couple, Jack and Tammi Smith that were just named persons of interest yesterday in baby Gabriel`s disappearance by LE.