An immature looking 23-year-old mom takes off from her home in Tempe, Arizona in a jealous rage. She casually gives away her 8-month old child to a couple she had met in a park in Texas. Afterward, just for fun she emails the father that she has murdered his son and disposed of his body inside a garbage dumpster.

Police believe that Elizabeth Johnson may have killed her son. But, the tot mom is claiming that she gave her baby to a strange couple that she did not know while on the run in San Antonio, Texas.

I made a hasty decision and I thought it was OK,” she said. “They approached me. I was out alone with the baby at the park. I trusted them, I believe in my heart they are good people.

8-month old Gabriel Johnson

Tot Mom & 8-month old Gabriel Johnson

For the last seven months, a Phoenix couple has been trying to adopt this beautiful baby boy. The mother wanted to give her child up for adoption while the father was interested in raising it. The mother from Tempe, Arizona, took off to parts unknown just before Christmas after Gabriel Johnson’s father Logan McQueary, 25, once again did not give his son up for adoption.

Elizabeth Johnson ended up being arrested last week in Miami Beach, Florida, on suspicion of custodial interference, a low-level felony, in Maricopa County Superior Court after she failed to show up for a custodial hearing in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, she lost custody of her son Gabriel.

Initially the car that the mother was driving was also missing. Tempe police spokesman Steve Carbajal said that locating the vehicle was key to the investigation as there was a “possibility” the baby boy may have still have been in the car.

This loony tot mom’s unbelievable story took place over three different states. That will probably qualify her case for a FBI investigation. It will be interesting to see if LE will end up letting yet another female get away with this type of nonsense.

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