Misty Croslin briefly talked about the alleged road rage incident with Charles Jones, in person, on the Levi Page Show last Sunday, January 3rd, 2009.

In a recent Levi Page Show EXCLUSIVE, Misty Croslin-Cummings broke her silence (Download) during the first 21 minutes of the program. The exclusive was an accomplishment that neither Nancy Grace, nor Simon Barrett, has been able to pull off to date on their respective shows.

Misty described Charles Norman Jones as just one of the Palatka boys, who was a friend of both her and Ronald Cummings. According to Ms. Croslin, Charles took her in when she had no place to stay. Exactly when this took place is entirely unclear. Upon Misty’s triumphant return to Satsuma, Florida she had previously been reported to be staying with other Croslin family members.

Misty, also, claimed to be on amicable terms with Ronald Cummings.

On all the audio, it was allegedly Charles Norman Jones, III’s angry voice who was vocalizing all the violence and lethal resolutions to the various animosities that existed between Ronald, Misty, and himself. In short, an angry male voice appeared to be very much interested in murdering both Ron and Misty over some type of a dispute. Whether or not that angry voice belonged to Charles Norman Jones is entirely a different matter, and at this point has yet to be determined.

During the next 19 minutes of the show, Levi Page and two of his panelists provided commentary and analysis of the latest road rage incident.

As was expected, Misty’s exclusive interview raised more questions then it answered. Somebody appeared to have been very angry with both Ronald and Misty. Why there was such animosity between the participants of the latest road rage incident is entirely unknown. But it would not take much to imagine a number of different possibilities.

  • Male rivalry between two suitors of Misty Croslin’s affections.
  • Misty might have taken unfair advantage of the very person who was allegedly kind enough to have taken her in and supported her during her time of need.
  • Some type of a dispute over illegal drugs and/or money.

While Ronald Cummings does not appear to be remotely interested in ratting Mistry Croslin out to LE; Charles Jones, the 3rd, appears to be very motivated to do so. But, just how reliable could his dirt on what had happen to Haleigh Cummings be?