For New Year’s Eve, I thought that my silly posts were doing amazingly well, but the trend kept on soaring thanks to the comments made by Simon Barrett.

Simon Barrett Got 2010 Off to a Great Start

Simon Barrett Got 2010 Off to a Great Start

People after all do have lives. I know that I certainly do. Personally, I was living my life, having fun, and enjoying my family.

New Year’s Day has traditionally been a day for recovering from a hang over, shopping, and being with your family. Obviously, nobody with a life is going to be commenting on blogs.

The shenanigans of Misty Croslin and Ronald Cummings attracted all the attention on New Year’s Eve. But, in the new year my post on Simon Barrett is Amused carried the day.


Simon Barrett Exposed

Quite frankly, I think that the major attraction was the shenanigans being carried on by Simon Barrett, himself, on my blog. 🙂

I would have to comment that Simon managed to create quite a sideshow. It is his specialty, after all.

There is a little girl missing, her name is Haleigh Cummings. Where will you be? … Will you be able to hold your head up high and say that ‘I did my best’?

Simon Barrett & His Followers are full of it!

Reality tells me that Simon and his devoted followers who want the entire world to known that they are daily shedding heart felt tears for Haleigh are doing virtually nothing that will result in this crime being solved, IMHO. What strikes me the most about this tradegy is that there are a relatively large number of blogs and blog followers in the state of Florida. The Florida blogs have always been more interested in Caylee than in finding Haleigh. These Blog followers clearly prefer dumping on Casey Anthony along the lines of using Nancy Grace interview tactics than they are interested in actually doing the physical work required to find Haleigh Cummings.

If Simon Barrett was actually interested in solving this crime, IMHO, then all that he had to do was organize a network of people to tail Misty and Ronald Cummings around the clock; some ten months ago. This is what is necessary to solve this crime: A ground of people, using a variety of different vehicles, keeping a constant heads up on what these key people are up to.

Did that ever happen? Of course not! All these whiners have ever done, is dump on other people like moi who in their opinion have not been whining enough for their tastes, uploaded tribute videos to YouTube, and otherwise comment on BNN about how many heart felt tears that they are shedding daily for Haleigh. They are all passive cough potatoes, IMHO. 😦

One does not realize just how badly the news media covers the news until the media reports on a topic that you are very familiar with. What once appeared as rock solid coverage quickly becomes laughable with a little bit of inside information.

Inept is a word that comes to my mind after taking a very close look at Simon’s comments. The dude was quick to judge, but he did NOT even know the correct URL for BNN. His comments about Wikipedia were quite laughable. There is a world of difference between making one edit on a preexisting article, and creating a brand new article at Wikipedia. Articles on frown upon topics, like alternative medicine, are especially prone to deletion and to mergers with other articles.

Overall, I would say that Simon’s comments indicate confusion, misunderstanding, lack of basic knowledge, and otherwise totally off the wall drivel. 😦

Simon Barrett is welcome to dump on me anytime.

If it makes you feel better, Simon, please throw some more of your profanity my way. There is a little girl missing, her name is Haleigh Cummings. You do not own her story, nor do you have exclusive rights to it. Your holier than thou attitude is wearing mighty thin with the public. All your Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Haleigh Sideshows is doing nothing to solve this crime.

Who says so? I do. 🙂