It is clear to me that Simon Barrett, Jan Barrett, and Tj Hart have not changed their ways and NEVER will. Beyond being a bunch of self-centered dumb asses and technically inept, they have an arrogance about them that passes all understanding.

They just worked yet another post rehashing totally old material, while taking the opportunity to be totally obnoxious.

“Ever since HaLeigh disappeared, there have been those who have wanted to insert themselves into the story for some reason or another that only they can rationalize. Some are good-hearted well-intended folks with a desire to help while others are simply off the chain looking for their 15 seconds of fame.”TJ Hart / Jan Barrett

Okay, I will just assume that these jerks are writing about: Simon Barrett, Jan Barrett, and Tj Hart.

Who wrote this BNN post?

Who wrote this BNN post: Tj Hart or Jan Barrett?

First of all, Tj Hart, it is in fact totally rude and amateurish to post posts on a blog using somebody else’s account. I am assuming that the bungling Tj Hart is using Jan’s account because the Barretts are too inept to issue Tj an account of his own. Perhaps, Simon does not trust Tj at all and is waiting for an opportunity to throw Hart under the bus? The Barretts are just copying material that Tj is presumably publishing somewhere else hidden on the Sky 97.3 website. The only reason BNN is showing up at all is because Google was actually foolish enough to classify their blog as a source of news.

These obnoxious reporters have an arrogance about them that even surpasses the rudeness of Nancy Grace. 😦

To Simon Barrett, Jan Barrett, and Tj Hart: You do NOT own the Haleigh Cummings story, nor do you have exclusive rights to it. 🙂

Jan Barrett: Your BNN blocks do NOT work because you, dear, are technically inept.