Simon Barrett is amused while his ratings steadily dwindle. And, BNN viewership dramatically falls.

Some of you might be operating under the false assumption that my commenting on BNN is unwarranted, and one sided. If so, then you might be interested in the latest comment that Simon recently made about this blog on Blogger News Network (BNN). Simon Barrett‘s public behavior has been less than stellar for a long time.

Simon Barrett is Amused

Simon Barrett is Amused

Simon Barrett on Blogger News Network

Yes, all the Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Sideshow antics of Simon Barrett on Blogger News Network has motivated me to add Simon to my list of interesting characters being commented upon on this blog. An update to my WordPress blog logo was long overdue. Simon managed to make the final cut, right next to fellow character: Tommy Croslin.

Simon Barrett’s image of my ever-changing WordPress Blog logo was of a very bad quality. I attempted a little bit to improve its “color” rendering. Of course, why worry over Simon’s lack of graphic editing talent when your blog happens to boast the “original?”

While skipping through a few of Simon’s older posts to see how the public was rating BNN, I managed to stumble upon the above tribute to my efforts. Too bad, the public only gave Simon Barrett a rating of 2.77 out of 5. 😦