The year 2009 is closing with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office having about 3 new incident reports in the month of December involving Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin. The real news item here is that Misty Croslin has been documented to have been in the company of Ronald Cummings on a couple of different occasions by PCSO.

As long as Misty Croslin is the key person in the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings, what happens to her is in fact newsworthy.

In a Blog, the posted by designation is what counts.

In a Blog, the posted by designation is what counts.

Jan Barrett (Or perhaps more precisely, Tj Hart) managed to report on these incident reports while blowing the real headline. I guess that Jan is more interested in jerking heart felt tears out of her devoted readers than in reporting the real news?

There appears to have been a total of three different incidents: 12/20/09, 12/30/09 and 12/31/09. Unfortunately, the incident involving Ronald and Misty Cummings on 12/20/2009 does NOT appear to have been covered by the Barretts on BNN at all.

Misty Croslin is reported to have told LE that the lovebirds got together so that she could get the rest of her belongings from Ronald’s house.

That may be very well what the two lovebirds told LE, but I believe none of it. I noticed a number of things. First, I observed Misty’s characteristically sloppy use of language. I did NOT know that Ronald was living in a house, let alone owned one. Isn’t Ronald still sponging off his grandmother and living in her mobile home? It is no joke that everything that Misty says has to be translated. Nothing coming out of that girl’s mouth should be taken literally.

Furthermore, I do not think that it would have taken this long after Misty’s triumphant entrance back into Satsuma, Florida for her to retrieve her belongings that would probably fit inside one garbage bag. It certainly would not have taken three separate days in December.

In my humble opinion, these latest PCSO incident reports tend to support the theory that the divorce of Ronald and Misty Cummings was only a sham used to divert public attention away from the activities of these lovebirds. At no point has Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin after their divorce ever appeared to have been mad at each other. In a typical divorce, had Misty indeed left anything behind in “Ron’s house” Ronald Cummings would have long since destroyed it in a fit of anger. Where is Ronald’s anger over Misty having lost his only daughter: Haleigh?

Furthermore, I would go so far as to say that there was NEVER a major fight between these two lovebirds. Everything has been carefully staged by them to make it look like the couple had broken up, when nothing could have been further from the truth, IMHO. The WESH lovebirds video was correct. Art Harris’ information was way off. The so called fight was staged in order to dupe both Art and Tim Miller. It just took a few more months to prove it.

Want to solve the Haleigh Cummings tragedy? Then somebody is going to have to pay for a private investigator to tail the key person, Misty Croslin, for at least one month since the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has no intentions of doing so. Of course, it is pretty late in the game to be doing this. LE should have tailed Misty 10 months ago. At this point in time, due to the lack of action by LE, the PI would probably have to be willing to break the law.

Finally, nothing is ever going to come out of these incidents since it is a “he said, she said” situation. Even Misty’s threatening and harassing phone calls complaint wont prevail. All the offender would have to do is testify under oath that the voice messages were not his voice. Without the testimony of an expert witness, Misty would never win in court.