Casey Anthony shows emotion in court for the first time.

Casey Anthony, Caylee’s alleged “killer would prepare some substance in advance that would render her physically unable to resist,” said prosecutor Jeff Ashton during the pretrial hearing. “If the killer looked at her face, maybe the killer saw her eyes … First one piece (of gray duct tape), then two, then three so that no breath was possible.”

Circuit Judge Stan Strickland heard another motion by the defense team of Casey Anthony that actually might have moved the case forward closer to an expected summer trial date.

Apparently, finally experiencing tough love for the first time in her life after going through one year of isolation in jail Casey Anthony has had plenty of time to think about what she had done. If only George and Cindy Anthony had been real parents back when Casey was still an impressionable child, perhaps the tragic end of Caylee could have been completely avoided?


After reviewing dozen of videos showing a sobbing Casey Anthony, I had managed to come across this one that was actually in focus. Between 1:15 and 2:50 of the above video, Caylee Anthony cried uncontrollably as the prosecutor verbally suggested that Caylee’s killer restrained her arms, dosed her with something that knocked her unconscious and put duct tape over her mouth and nose. Jeff Ashton concluded with the statement that the killer was Caylee’s mother.

As the words were spoken by the prosecutor, it has been reported by a number of different media outlets that you could barely hear Casey mumble something in the background that sounded like, “Make it stop.” With her defense attorney, Jose Baez, responding, “I can’t.” Baez then was seen wrapping his arm around Casey who began to sob in court.


How Casey Anthony Plans on Winning

Defense attorney Andrea Lyon noted that there is “no evidence … that this tape had anything to do with the death of this child.” Since the cause of death is still unknown, the case doesn’t meet the standard under Florida law for seeking the death penalty. Circuit Judge Stan Strickland concluded the hearing by saying that he will rule later.

What is so depressing about following the Caylee Anthony tragedy is that so much money and time is being spent on an issue that should have been settled months ago. The dream team has actually come up with a defense that plausibly could get the murderer of Caylee completely off the hook.

Casey’s defense attorney, Jose Baez, claims that he is against the death penalty. All it takes is one weak-minded juror for a hung jury. Unfortunately time is on Casey Anthony’s side. The longer Baez can delay the trial, the more likely it is that Casey will end up walking.