Despite the judgmental comments of some people, this blog had previously established three separate possible motives for Misty intentionally doing away with Haleigh Cummings. Well, the recent death of five-year-old Shaniya Davis has painfully pointed out that a fourth motive is entirely possible.

A number of commenters had previously stressed the drug connection. Stubbornly, I had refused to believe that human trafficking of children was possible at all, because of my ignorance of the true nature of animalistic drug culture. I reasoned that human trafficking simply was not at all rational. But my problem was that I was not thinking like a low-life animalistic drug user.

Anybody who is super sensitive to the plight of Haleigh really needs to finally comprehend the fact that Misty Cummings has been reported to be a well known drug user.

On the night that Haleigh disappeared there had been a cellphone fight between Misty and Ronald Cummings. The fight was reportedly about Ronald refusing to let Misty Croslin babysit other children for money.

Now why don’t we think like some of these drug crazed animals do? Misty was angry at Ronald. Now, suppose that Misty really did need to raise money fast because of a drug debt. If it was possible for Antoinette Davis to knowingly sell her own daughter, Shaniya Davis, to a sex pedophile ring then it is certainly possible that a drug using babysitter did the same thing. After all, Putnam County Florida has a very high concentration of sex pedophiles living in the area of the Cummings’ double-wide trailer.

The fact that Misty Croslin was angry at Ron the same night that Haleigh went missing is too much of a coincidence for me to overlook. Now knowing just how low these animalistic drug users can get, it is entirely possible that Misty Croslin engaged in human trafficking in order to either buy more drugs or to pay off a drug debt. Human trafficking of children apparently is just as viable an option for raising money for drugs as any other criminal activity is.