Kim Picazio feels vindicated because the Florida Bar Association has dismissed the complaints filed against this attorney, by Crystal Sheffield.

Tj Hart on The Sky reported this rather obscure story on Friday, November 13th 2009 in a piece that included an audio interview with Kim Picazio.

First of all, this is entirely a sideshow that has absolutely nothing to do with finding Haleigh Cummings.

Personally, I do not like the police, lawyers, judges, and most of all Juvenile and Domestic Relations courts. But, after being put through 15 years of hell in court by my X-wife concerning visitation with my son, I happen to have a lot of experience to draw upon.

The Florida Bar ruling only documents that Crystal Sheffield failed to meet an impossible burden of proof. Should that really surprise anybody? It does not mean that Crystal Sheffield did not feel that she was wronged by Kim, or was not wronged by her. All it proves is that the Florida Bar Association has dismissed the complaints against attorney Kim Picazio alleged by Crystal Sheffield. The Florida Bar Association episode, just like with any court of law, should not be confused with seeking justice in a world of evil people.

Crystal Sheffield is really no different from Misty Cummings in this regards. If Crystal had an attorney who was willing to work for free for her then she should have been smart enough to follow her advice and not make her attorney mad.

According to the audio interview, Kim said that the attorneys for both clients, i.e., Crystal and Ronald, had filed motions to remove themselves from the case. Nothing shocking about that at all. In a court of law, anytime that there is a change in representation this is what has to be done.

At this point both Crystal and Ronald could have moved forward with the case, by representing themselves, or by obtaining other legal counsel. Apparently, Crystal Sheffield was too dumb to represent herself. Had she had done so, she could have ended up with custody of Junior. If Crystal had the nerve to file a bar complaint against Kim, then she should have had the nerve to stand up for herself in J & DR court, IMHO.

It really depends entirely upon the personality of the judge. In my case, it allowed the judge to move the case forward by actually implementing a measure of justice rather than being constantly bogged down by the legal maneuverings of attorneys.

Crystal Sheffield’s car accident / seizure at the end of March, however, probably created an impossible burden to overcome for her attorney. So, rather than end with a lost on her record, Kim Picazio tried to gracefully removed herself from a case that was no longer attracting the attention of the national media.

Ronald Cummings after all had lost Haleigh Cummings under his watch. Thus, Crystal Sheffield had an excellent opportunity of getting the custody of junior changed right up until her car accident / seizure episode. Again, Crystal apparently was too dumb to either stay home or have somebody else drive her around town until a new custody order was issued.

Even though the bar complaint has gotten next to no national attention, Kim Picazio as a lawyer was understandably upset over her reputation being tarnished.

Kim Picazio in her audio interview mentions a free blog that appears to have ceased operation, no doubt due to it violating the TOS agreement of the free hosting service. Why anybody would give the time of day to what was being said on such an obscure, local, and unknown blog is totally beyond me.

From my point of view, Kim Picazio managed to get Crystal’s $12,000 child support bill paid in full. Crystal Sheffield should have been satisfied with that, and represented herself in court, from there on. Filing a bar complaint against Kim was really tacky, and stupid on the part of Crystal.