Time to officially face the facts, as if it is any secret. The search for Haleigh Cummings has gone the way of Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

I have been tracking the release of new YouTube videos on Haleigh Cummings each week, for several months. The never ending river off new tribute videos being release has finally all but dried up.

The much awaited break up of Ronald and Misty Cummings marriage did NOT result in the parties ratting each other out. Heck, they did not even appear to be all that mad at each other.

Misty Croslin has moved to Tennessee to be with her grandmother. The predicted return to Satsuma, Florida in two weeks of Misty so that she can move in with her jailbird family has, yet to occur. I see absolutely no reason why Misty Croslin would ever want to move back to Florida. If she can bum around in Florida, she can learn how to mooch off people anywhere. The most logical thing for Misty Croslin to do is to stay in Tennessee, stay out of trouble, get a makeover, get a job however humble, get a new boy friend, and befriend her grandmother so that in a few years she can collect an inheritance while her mother and brother Tommy rot in jail.

Misty Croslin, or whoever, got away with this crime against an innocent child, while Casey Anthony did NOT, because of the old adage: No body, No Crime. Without the body, all you got is a missing person. Misty certainly was not dumb enough to let Haleigh’s body decomposed in the backseat of the blue van.

There appears to have been a fight between Ron and Misty between 8 and 8:30 of the night that Haleigh disappeared. Hence, Misty could easily of have gotten mad, pulled a Casey Anthony stunt, and taken out her anger on poor Haleigh. I, also, think that she probably had help in disposing of the body. In my mind, Misty’s failure to screw up that night means that she positively was NOT on drugs at the time of Haleigh’s disappearance, assuming that she was directly involved. She appears to have been awake all night, busily getting rid of the evidence while a male companion actually dumped Haleigh’s body.

The adage out of sight, out of mind is what I think of the prospects of Tim Miller ever again spending the resources of Texas EquuSearch on finding Haleigh in Putnam County, Florida. I just do NOT see Tim being foolish enough to spend $100,000+ just to end up with another fruitless search.

As far as PCSO goes, their window of opportunity to move on any type of criminal charge, such as an rather obvious obstruction of justice by convening a grand jury is rapidly closing.

The statute of limitations in Florida, is as follows. A prosecution for a capital felony, a life felony, or a felony that resulted in a death may be commenced at any time.

  • Felony of the first degree – 4 years
  • Any other felony – 3 years
  • Misdemeanor of the first degree – 2 years
  • Misdemeanor of the second degree – 1 year

As in most cases, when a crime is NOT solved, the blame always ultimately lies with LE. In the case of PCSO, it is pretty easy to see that their persistence in failing to act in a timely manner is precisely why nobody has been brought to justice in this sorry affair. Without the spotlight of the press being constantly put on PCSO, I see little hope that Misty Croslin, or whoever, will ever be brought to justice. Certainly, babbling about Tommy being arrested, bungled fund raising efforts, and the other silly sideshows of Simon Barrett is putting absolutely no pressure on PCSO. Nor, will a weekly talk show on Cobra ever solve the Haleigh tragedy.

Should anything material ever break in the tradegy of Haleigh Cummings and / or Misty Croslin, I will be eventually reporting it on this blog. But my days of checking the news daily for breaking stories on Haleigh are long over.