Levi Page scored another home run in an exclusive interview with Tim Miller.
The show covered the murder of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten allegedly by a 15-year-old girl, and of course Haleigh Cummings.

Levi Page’s latest show on Blog Talk Radio featured Texas Equusearch‘s Tim Miller along with investigative journalist Steph Watts, former Prosecutor and legal analyst Robin Sax, criminal justice educator and former police chief Dr. Richard Weinblatt.

The second half of the Levi Page Show (Download), starting at 26:45 was devoted to discussing the Haleigh Cummings case. The interview with Tim Miller started at 30:30.

There are plenty of sound bites and short video clips of Tim Miller and his loose lips. But here is your opportunity to listen to Tim Miller speak his mind in a complete interview with Levi Page.

A partial list of topics covered on the show includes the following.

  • Tim believes that Haleigh is dead.
  • The twelve days that Miller spent with Misty.
  • Tim’s response to criticism that he had interfered with a police investigation.
  • Miller had a repertoire with Misty Croslin – Cummings.
  • Tim’s compassion for Misty.
  • When Tim Millers searches for a missing person, he goes in with more than a search dog.
  • Ronald Cummings has a lot of issues, claims Miller.
  • Tim agrees with Nancy Grace that Haleigh never had a chance.
  • And, believes that Junior should be removed from these people.
  • How he told Misty that she is on borrowed time.
  • The real focus should always be on Haleigh.
  • How Tim Miller is starting to feel discouraged, and has thoughts of giving up Equusearch.
  • Misty Croslin had a hard life growing up.
  • Haleigh won’t be found alive, but she deserves a proper burial.
  • Who is Misty Croslin protecting?

Simon Barrett on Blogger News Network reported today a Cobra audio that was recorded back on March 31, 2009 that insinuates that Haleigh was murdered and dismembered by a predator that Staubs has since come to love. Then just a few hours later, Simon Barrett inexplicably on BNN confesses that the story was just a sideshow. I have no idea what Simon Barrett covered Sunday on Blog Talk Radio, since I no longer waste my time listening to his sideshows.

Next week, Steph Watts’ show officially starts up on Blog Talk Radio on Sunday at 8:00 pm EST. Levi Page will be on again, as usual, at 10:00 pm EST. With both Steph and Levi, who really needs Simon Barrett?