Tim Miller is in the news, again. But, the story was so badly covered by the press and Nancy Grace that you have to play detective before you can figure out the rest of the story.

The “searcher convinced Haleigh dead” headline first appeared in Google News Searches in a poorly written article by Palatka Daily News, three days ago. This article contained a bunch of non-sourced quotes that didn’t make any sense until Nancy Grace’s coverage last night, and when a video and article suddenly turned up by WESH TV. The Palatka Daily News article failed to state where, when, and to whom Texas Equusearch founder Tim Miller gave the interview.

Apparently, what had happened was that three or four days ago the local WESH 2 News station in Orlando, Florida had an exclusive interview with Tim Miller, of Texas EquuSearch. They aired several different video segments of their exclusive with Tim. Mysteriously, WESH failed to upload any videos to their own website, or even write an article on it until some three days later. But, WESH did manage to upload the above video to YouTube. I suspect, however, that a couple of other video segments of Tim’s complete interview are still missing.

Last night Nancy Grace managed to bungle this story. Nancy never identified the original source for this story, went with the headlines of the Palatka Daily News article, and had Art Harris on to more or less claim credit for it; all the while leaving out important quotes made by Tim Miller.

Furthermore, Nancy Grace called Crystal Sheffield Ronald’s X-wife. Doesn’t she even know that the parents of Haleigh never married? Inexplicably, she apologized to Crystal, perhaps in response to her disgust with Ron who has consistently refused to say anything, about anything.

In the above video, Tim Miller stated that at one point Misty Croslin – Cummings was allegedly suicidal. That Donna Brock was so concerned about Misty that she had actually brought her to the emergency room of a hospital, where she refused treatment. So what ever happened to this story, Nancy Grace? Maybe, it will be aired on a later show?

Piecing together all three separate sources on what Tim Miller had actually told WESH TV, we can finally see what the real story was. To be blunt about it, Tim Miller has had it with Haleigh’s family / families. Nobody is cooperating with anybody. He has given up with Teresa Nevers, who is constantly going, hysterical on him. Tim has had it with the whole sorry mess.

To quote Miller: “I truly believe it’s going to be a miracle if we find Haleigh’s body some day … and I just hate to be that blunt.”

Tim needed a politically correct reason, to bow out of wasting more of his money searching for Haleigh, when he told WESH: “In no way possible do I believe Haleigh is alive. Haleigh’s going to be just as deceased tomorrow as she is today, or next week as she was six months ago, bottom line. And I hope I’m wrong about that. But let’s try to save the ones that just disappeared or that we have leads on, with people that are cooperating, rather than fighting with these families.”

Tim is clearly tired of dealing with all the psychos in Haleigh’s family who insist that the little girl is still alive. And, with Misty who has refused to tell Miller where Haleigh’s remains are located.

Miller clearly prefers searching for missing children, like Somer Thompson, where everybody happily works together for the same cause, and where the remains are found in just a few days of searching.

Contrary, to Nancy Grace’s misinformation: Tim Miller has clearly searched for dead bodies, thousands of times before.

As Tim has said, realistically, “it’s going to be a miracle if we find Haleigh’s body” because nobody has been able to determined where her remains were dumped.

So far, virtually nobody has covered the Tim Miller story outside of these three sources. It remains to be seen, if anybody else will attempt to repeat this mess. And, just how badly these copycat reporters will undoubtedly bungle this story.

Damage Control Update

What does Tim Miller care about? Could it be whack jobs tying up Texas Equusearch’s switchboard and email? Tim will undoubtedly use any means necessary to keep the public from wasting his and his organization’s time and resources with their foolishness. Yes, tell the loony public anything. But, the only thing that counts in the end is now. Tim Miller has yet to do any of his promised searches for Haleigh Cummings.