Simon Barrett is not the only talk show host on Blog Talk Radio with a weekly show covering Haleigh Cummings. The Levi Page Show is an one hour radio program that is broadcast every Sunday at 10 p.m., with free audio archives available for downloading of prior shows.

Unlike the conceited Simon Barrett on Blog Talk Radio, Levi seems to be able to keep his ego in check on his broadcasts. Levi has his own BlogSpot blog: Levi on Crime. He does not appear to post on BNN at all. Levi Page makes no pretense that he is going to single handedly solve the Haleigh Cummings case. He covers a variety of topics in each show. And, his panel of guests, unlike Simon Barrett on BNN, varies from week to week.

Levi’s latest broadcast on Haleigh Cummings had Steph Watts, homicide prosecutor Donna Pendergast, and Leonard Padilla on as guests. The first 30 minutes of his show was devoted to covering Haleigh.

Levi Page is a younger guy who often appears in a photo next to an unidentified shorter blond female. She is none other than HLN’s Nancy Grace. It was taken at an Atlanta, Georgia Borders bookstore promotion of Nancy Grace’s latest book: The Eleventh Victim.

Unlike Simon Barrett of Blogger News Network with his smooth command of English, Levi Page often comes across tongue tied. Usually he will get his quaint sayings backwards. At other times, he appears to be reading script cards. But in defense of Levi, even Nancy Grace managed to screw up on his show, when she stated that it was “her show.” Levi Page at least has gotten his audio volume under control. But, Levi’s talk shows do suffer from an amateurish quality characteristic of all Blog Talk Radio broadcasts, such as an occasional sound black out.