On May 22, 2009 William “Cobra” Staubs was arrested and charged with false imprisonment after he tried to revoke the bond of an accused child molester, Daniel Snodgrass. His next trial date is reported to be December 14, 2009. Cobra has been a regular panelist on the Simon Barrett show on Blog Talk Radio.

Snodgrass was an unicycle teacher who was accused in Putnam County, Florida of sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl and molesting her 16 year-old sister in December 2007. The father of the girls supposedly paid Snodgrass to train them so that they could get into show business.

Cobra, a Dumb Crook?

What does William Staubs, aka Cobra, have to worry about? Well outside of the false imprisonment charges, all one has to do is to take a close look at this video. To me, I liken it to one of those dumb crook videos. You know, where the criminal was actually dumb enough to record themselves committing a crime. What was Cobra thinking?

Just watch this video made by Art Harris a few times. Listen exactly to what Daniel Snodgrass is saying. Watch exactly what Cobra did to Snodgrass. Cobra brought Snodgrass out of the house clearly wearing handcuffs. Daniel Snodgrass was not in any way resisting Cobra.

What did Cobra do? He forcefully slammed Snodgrass on the ground, who wasn’t wearing a shirt. Cobra threw him onto the driveway and gravel. Ouch! That must have hurt. Now, how did Daniel Snodgrass respond? The accused child molester was more than just a little bit mad at how harshly Cobra had treated him.

Personally, I was shocked at the totally unnecessary and uncalled for rough treatment that Cobra had given Snodgrass the very first time that I had watched this video, on Art Harris’ blog.

Furthermore, Daniel Snodgrass knew a heck of a lot more about Cobra being “fired from the case,” then a person in his position should have known. That tells me that something else was going on that Cobra has not made public. If this was a normal revoked bond pickup, then shouldn’t Snodgrass have been totally clueless about Cobra?

Call me silly, but I think that if William “Cobra” Staubs had been the least bit nice to Daniel Snodgrass during this episode, the accused child molester probably would have let the whole thing blow over.

In case Cobra did not know who he was talking to. The name was Daniel Snodgrass, a person who might have deserved to have been brought back to jail, but not body slammed by a self appointed vigilante fool.

Furthermore, how in the world did Cobra expect to get away with something that was uploaded to the Internet on video for the whole world to see?

Perhaps, Simon Barrett on Blogger News Network should have investigated what actually went on behind the scenes and spent less time trying to glorify out of control bounty hunters and the bail bond industry?