Ronald Cummings and his mother, Teresa Neves, appeared briefly on today’s broadcast of the Maury Povich show. The episode was taped backed on October 8th in Stamford, Connecticut; the day after Misty and Donna Brock had their road-rage incident.

There was a reenactment of what had happened that night in February with actors playing the part of Misty, Haleigh, and Ronald. Interestingly, junior was left out of the reenactment. And, they had gotten the physical location of the beds reversed. Misty’s and Ronald’s 911 call was, also, shorten and sanitized.

Teresa Neves brought one of Haleigh’s dolls along with her. And, both of them briefly talked about Haleigh having Turners Syndrome.

Teresa Neves once again said that she knew that Haleigh was still alive. Ronald looked like he had been crying. Both of the them were very emotional on camera, probably the more so than either of them had ever been.

The show really was not very informative. It was mostly just a plea, on national television, for everyone to please look for Haleigh Cummings who had disappeared some eight months ago.