PALATKA – Misty Croslin was robbed Monday at 8:15 pm when black men reportedly jumped and roughed her up while she allegedly was trying to buy drugs.

Misty Croslin’s Posse

LE reported that Misty, 17, was with her female companions at the Ragsdale Apartment Complex off Moody Road.

Without any means to support herself, Misty apparently has found enough money to buy drugs. She now has her own posse, and was chauffeured to the scene of the crime.

Misty’s front-man, Melinda, exited the car to arrange the deal. The deal went wrong when the dude ran off with her money and two or three black males jumped Misty, took her purse and cellphone, and pulled her out of the vehicle, according to her driver Brandy Steedley, 18.

Melinda was left on the scene to fend for herself, while Misty took off with her driver Brandy. Shortly after the incident Misty Croslin, scared and crying, calls 911 for help. Misty complains about her arm and leg hurting badly. And tearfully reports that she lost everything that she owns. She was, also, mad at her posse for setting her up to be mugged. More than a little miffed at Misty, Melinda Santmyer, 22, told officers at the scene that the ill fated trio had driven to the apartment complex to buy drugs.

LE failed to make an arrest reportedly because they were called to another scene.

The whole episode makes you wonder what LE is waiting for. They had the perfect opportunity to take all three of these clowns into custody for attempting to buy illegal drugs. LE could have grilled both Melinda Santmyer and Brandy Steedley as to what they knew about Haleigh’s disappearance. If they are associates of Misty, then she could easily have told them something about what had happened to Haleigh.

At this point, who cares about insufficient evidence and making the case stick in court? After all, LE had absolutely no trouble in setting bail at a ludicrously high level for both Tommy and Lisa Croslin. LE could at least have kept Misty in jail for a few days for intense questioning. Keeping her separated from her beloved drugs while she suffered withdrawal symptoms could have proved very interesting for the crime investigators.

What is Florida LE waiting for?

Where is the Reward for Misty’s Cellphone?

On a new side note, one can only wonder if the street thugs realize the real value of Misty’s cellphone? What would you do with Misty’s cellphone phonebook, and a list of all the calls she had made and received during the last few weeks? Just imagine what some tabloid news organizations would pay for Misty’s cellphone?