Misty Croslin – Cummings has suddenly found herself in the job market. It has occurred to me that Misty possesses the skills needed to succeed at investigative journalism. Maybe she could even host her own talk show on Blog Talk Radio?

From following Art Harris’ example on the Nancy Grace show last night, I have learned that the number one requirement for being able to succeed as a reporter is the ability to embellish stories on the fly. Art takes a few very old facts that were previously reported upon by other people and then embellishes them into an interesting narrative. Presto, Bingo – Old news is magically transformed into Art’s exclusive story on the Nancy Grace show.

And, What’s Up with Steph Watts? I thought that Steph was the one covering the Donna Brock story, who had previously worked for Nancy Grace? Did not Tim Miller tell all this stuff to Rozzie Franco of the Florida News Network (FNN), in audio interviews that were released on 97.3 The Sky and BNN? What did Art Harris have to do with any of these stories, that he suddenly took credit for on Nancy Grace?

If that is what it takes to succeed in journalism, then shouldn’t Nancy seriously consider hiring Misty Croslin – Cummings? With Misty’s proven track record of effortlessly embellishing the Tim Miller Polygraph Testing story, she is all but guaranteed to succeed as an investigative journalist.