Last Friday, Misty had said that she suspected that someone on the “other side of the family” had Haleigh. In today’s conclusion, to the Exclusive CBS Early Show interview, Misty revealed which side of the family she views herself on: The Cummings.

Today, the CBS network aired additional footage of the interview that was taped on Friday, which indicated that Misty Croslin Cummings had actually cast suspicion upon the family of Haleigh Cummings’ biological mother: Crystal Sheffield. Who had admitted that she did not have a close relationship with Haleigh, according to Misty. It was not Crystal herself, but rather somebody in her family.

Today’s live segment was aired from what looked like was Terry Shoemaker’s office. Terry’s claim that Ronald Cummings could not appear on the show because his youngest child was sick, along with everyone else in the family, was absolutely ludicrous. There is absolutely no way that Ron, who was staying with a friend, could not have invested a couple hours of his time for a very important live appearance on national television. Hence, the entire Cummings family, IMHO, had chosen to issue a response that was little more than a live statement made by Ronald’s Criminal Defense Attorney.

Ronald Cummings married Misty a little more than a month after Haleigh had disappeared. Ronald has always stuck by Misty, even in Nancy Grace’s bombshell interview. On Friday, Misty Cummings chose to stick by her new family. Today, given the opportunity to make a clean break with Misty, her family once again chose NOT to.

Previously on Friday, Ronald Cummings’ family law attorney Brandon Beardsley called Misty Cummings’ statement “absolutely ludicrous,” which alluded to the assumption of many that Misty was trying to get back at Ronald’s family.

Today on the CBS Early Show, Ronald Cummings’ Criminal Defense Attorney, Terry Shoemaker said “Ron has stuck by Misty all along.” While “he has had some concerns about the statements she’s made, …[Ron] has stood by her all along.”

Shoemaker further said that the pressure surrounding Haleigh’s disappearance was what had led to Ron filing for divorce.

I would not put anything past the Cummings family. I would not be surprised at all if it turns out that Ron and Misty are still lovebirds. And, that the divorce is nothing more than a tactic designed to draw public criticism away from the family for holding up the investigation.

Earlier in the show, the CBS host had talked about Misty’s own brother betraying her. Misty said that “that is how her family is.” What Misty did not reveal was that prior to the jailhouse episode, she had previously betrayed her own brother. There is at least one video of Tommy Croslin reacting to that betrayal. And, even more importantly Misty did not reveal who her new family was.