Rozzie Franco of the Florida News Network (FNN) got Tim Miller to blow the cover of Donna Brock, as was reported by Tj Hart of 97.3 The Sky.

Listening to the AUDIO of this interview where Tim Miller spilled the beans about Donna Brock, one can only think of irresponsible journalism. Isn’t this how America’s secrete agents have gotten themselves killed in the past when the media foolishly passed on information that they knew that they should have responsibly kept to themselves?

Personally, I do not think that this audio is altogether believable since is it not the same Donna Brock who reportedly engaged in a serious road-rage incident with Misty when she stuck her entire upper body outside of her car while driving 80 miles an hour? Is that how Tim Miller’s thinks that Misty’s mother should act? Or, was that just method acting on the part of Donna?

So, far the national has NOT and almost none of the local media has covered this story.

Simon Barrett / Tj Hart Cannot Spell

Naturally, the media whore Simon Barrett covered this story a couple of days ago on Blogger News Network (BNN), where the majority of his commenters left comments that were critical of Tim Miller.

Having bothered to do some background research on Rozzie, I discovered that the conceited speller Simon Barret actually spelled her name incorrectly in his BNN article. So, did Tj Hart for that matter.

I was certainly not the first to report on this story; was in fact very reluctant to report it at all. But, I at least managed to spell the reporter’s name correctly: Rozzie Franco.

Simon Barrett is NOT in Wikipediat, but Rozzie is

I, myself, think that most of the blame should go to Rozzie Franco of the Florida News Network. Being a former pharmaceutical sales rep, just like the road-rage victim, Rozzie should be able to fuel some more conspiracy theories. Interestingly enough, Rozzie is actually in Wikipedia, unlike Simon Barrett. Tj Hart is also in Wikipedia because she happens to be a well known porn actress.