If Misty Cummings was trying to reform her image then she should have gotten a new makeover before appearing on the CBS Early Show.

Misty Cummings has been just dumped by her husband, Ronald. What a better way to start her new life than with a completely new look? Perhaps, something like what successful Kate Gosselin is wearing? Even a simple, much shorter, page boy cut would have done wonders for her. But, somebody did manage to do her makeup.

CBS, just like Nancy Grace, tried to put words in her mouth. Misty would have none of it, and just ignored the interviewer’s comments. All of these media types keep on saying that Ronald dumped her because of all her inconsistencies, when nothing could have been further from the truth.

Contrary to all the garbage being said on Nancy Grace tonight, Misty said absolutely nothing that she did not already say a million times before. She did, however, come up with a rather clever excuse as to why she failed the polygraph test. One of the guys told her that it was probably because she felt guilty for losing Haleigh under her watch. In modern parlance, “guy” can mean either male or female. That spells: Donna Brock to me.

Teresa Neves made the Texas EquuSearch connection on Nancy Grace when she said that Misty was staying in Orlando with somebody that she had met while doing the testing for Tim Miller at EquuSearch.

LE has repeatedly stated that they believe that it was a family abduction. Being that Misty felt that her marriage failed because of her side of the family, she finally took a swipe at the “other” side on CBS. And, why shouldn’t she? After all, Ronald’s family had just dumped her into the cold. Obviously, Misty was referring to Ronald’s family, but Teresa Neves would have none of it when she blamed Misty’s comments on the birth mother’s family.

According to Teresa, Misty has not signed the divorce papers yet, perhaps hoping for a last minute reconciliation with Ronald. Neves indicated that she wanted the law to take its course.

Both Tj Hart and Art Harris were noticeable absent from the Nancy Grace show. If Nancy did not silently dumped these idiot journalists for their bogus news stories as part of Damage Control, then where is Art’s usual commentary?