WESH Channel 2 TV grabbed Misty at the Orlando airport for an impromptu interview. She discussed her side of the road-rage incident and how she feels about the divorce.

Yes, the dim witted Misty Cummings gave WESH TV an EXCLUSIVE interview for free, without even realizing it.

Misty called the other women crazy. She said that the female victim almost had run into her. That she only flicked her off, as she put it, which she felt, was perfectly legal. The blond Donna Brock, also, appears in the tail end of the WESH video.

Misty Cummings briefly supported Ronald’s version of the divorce by saying that she did not really want it.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Misty is scheduled to be on tomorrows’ CBS Early Show. Of course, once CBS figures out that Misty has already released all that she had to say to them, their not so EXCLUSIVE with Misty may yet be canceled.

On tonight’s Nancy Grace show Donna Brock was not mentioned by name, nor was her connection to Texas EquuSearch discussed. But the victim’s testimony made Donna out to be a very wild and foolhardy person when she allegedly lean her body out the window of her blue Dodge Caliber with both hands stretched out while driving the car at 80 miles an hour.

Noticeably absent from Nancy Grace was both Tj Hart and Art Harris.