Donna Brock

Donna Brock


Misty Cummings, the passenger, and Donna Brock, 43, driving a blue Dodge Caliber were questioned and then later released by Lake Mary LE in a road-rage complaint the Orlando Sentinel has reported. In a 911 call, the pair allegedly made threats and hand gestures to a female motorist on Interstate 4 at about 11:15 a.m., Wednesday. No gun as originally believed was found in the car.


Misty reportedly endured some rough treatment at the hands of Seminole County deputies during the felony traffic stop while going to Palatka to see her attorney, Robert Fields.

Misty Cummings a few weeks ago went on vacation to Orlando with a female friend, and was spotted at Universal Studios. Since the announcement of a pending divorce between Ronald and Misty Cummings much speculation has arisen about who is Misty’s new friend.

Could Donna Brock who was questioned along with Misty in Wednesday’s road-rage incident be her? Donna Brock is a member of Texas Equusearch.