Absolutely nothing has been going on in the Haleigh Cummings case. Yet, media whores, like Simon Barrett and Nancy Grace have been micromanaging every minute of Ronald and Misty Cummings life. It is wearing me out just trying to keep up with all the Haleigh sideshows. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for the Cummings.


Misty Cummings: Before the Fact

Art Harris reports that Ron and Misty have broken up.

Art Harris reports that Ron and Misty have broken up.

Ronald Cummings throws Misty's Clothes on the lawn.

Ronald Cummings throws Misty's Clothes on the lawn.

After Nancy Grace’s latest interview we barely know what is going on with Ronald Cummings. We still have absolutely no idea what has been going through Misty’s head.

The only real credible piece of evidence about Misty has been the WESH video of the two lovebirds kissing before going off on her vacation with a female friend. Everybody else had very questionable sources which claimed that a major fight had taken place. And, that Misty had ran away from Ron to Orlando, Florida.

Reading through the Art Harris blog, I see Art himself flip flopping as to what was happening starting with Art Harris – Déjà Vu where he had deleted a hard-line position post in favor of a more softer version, then clearly flipped flopped his position with his comments about a stronger Misty, with a strong marriage in his some of his more recent posts.

In EXCLUSIVE: “NO PARTY…I WAS SLEEPING”—Misty Cummings Art Harris wrote for example: “Whatever happened during her road trip, the state of her marriage appears to be on the mend, for the moment, with a tougher, more independent Misty emerging, says her lawyer, Robert Fields.”

Tj Hart’s position has been even more bizarre. While Is Teresa Neves the Real Enabler of Misty was going on, Hart has alleged that Misty Cummings was actually in the green room behind the scenes. I find Tj Hart’s position totally absurd. There is absolutely no way Nancy would have turned down a bombshell interview with Misty Cummings. Here, Nancy has been claiming that there has been a major fight between the two. We have been led to believe that Misty was tired of fighting with Ron and would have spilled the beans in a very rare live bombshell interview. Sorry, but I still think that Nancy was about to dump her idiot sources of information. There is absolutely no way Nancy Grace would have wasted her time interviewing Teresa, if the very elusive Misty had been available. After all as a former prosecutor to believe Tj, Nancy actually turned down a rare opportunity to trick Misty into confessing and otherwise solving the crime live on HLN. There is absolutely no way that would have happened, IMHO.



Misty Cummings: After the Fact

A couple are NOT divorced until a court issues a divorce decree. I wouldn’t put anything past this family. Seems to me that the family has already engaged in all kinds of theatrics. Divorce at this point is nothing more than speculation.

As usual, Ronald Cummings said next to nothing during the interview last night with Nancy Grace. Despite Nancy trying to force Ron into taking her party line repeatedly about Misty obviously being guilty; Ronald would have none of it.

Never once did Ronald Cummings mention anything about a major fight, or why Misty went to Orlando, Florida twice.

The media whores are reading too much into the pending divorce of the Cummings.

There is absolutely no reason to believe anything other than what Ronald actually has told us. Ronald said that the reason for the divorce was that they as a couple could not go anywhere. There were Croslin family problems which resulted in Ron being arrested. The media attention was putting too much pressure on the relationship. As Ron said, it was just everything. Further Ronald claimed that he had asked for the divorce. According to him, Misty initially did NOT want one.

Me issue a retraction? Do not be absurd!

I see nothing to indicate that the couple had not planned to go on a vacation together in Orlando two weeks ago. That it was all the intense media attention created out of nowhere over absolutely nothing by Simon Barrett, Art Harris, Tj Hart, and Nancy Grace that had been the straw that had finally broke the camels back when Ronald and Junior were unable to meet up with her for a family get together.

Not only were these media whores not correct the first time, I see every reason to believe that their constant coverage of every minute of Ronald and Misty Cummings life was what had broken up their marriage. That the couple may still in fact be fundamentally a bunch of lovebirds who are simply unable to deal with the constant scrutiny of the media whores.

Ergo, it is my position that just like Ronald Cummings had said during his interview; the divorce had taken Misty by surprise. She initially did not want one. And, that it had been Ronald who had filed for divorce first.