This blog had recently been experiencing a slump in hits which coincided to a long spell of no activity in the Haleigh Cummings tragedy. But thanks to the Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Sideshow antics of Simon Barrett on Blog News Network; my blog has received a renewed surge of interest.

Simon Barrett and the FCC

What in the world was Simon talking about?

Simon Barrett‘s last Blog Talk Radio broadcast recap starts off by stating:

“I’ll start this update with a statement. I am sure that some brain dead idiot is going to threaten me with the FCC. Here is the answer, we can have ‘nipple slips’, we can have four letter words! The FCC have no bearing on this. So, forget it!”

Surely, this idiot still cannot be obsessing over me?

Simon Barrett, Senior Buffoon of Blogger News Network

It will be interesting to see if Simon has finally figured out how to configure his BNN blog software, or will Jan Barrett and Treece experience another paranoid delusion of grandeur kissy-fit? They have been having a lot of immature tantrums over the automatic trackbacks that my WordPress Blog has been sending them, lately.

It is nothing personal Simon, Jan, and Treece. It is just how blogs and WordPress work. It is about time that you solved your own problems and stopped blaming others for all your troubles.

Simon Barrett Badly Needs a Haircut

John H. Gohde makes an offer to Simon Barrett

Taking a close look at Simon’s picture, it really does make you wonder whether or not Simon Barrett and William “Cobra” Staubs have something going on the side?

Looks like to me that Simon probably needs a friend right now.

Knowing as how Simon has been bragging that he is not making any money off of Haleigh, John H. Gohde has an open offer to make to Simon Barrett.

Simon if you agree to stop being such an arse all the time. And, give up all your sideshowing ways, I promise to send you $10.00 by express mail; so that you can get yourself the haircut that you so badly need. 🙂

But if you think that I am going to take you away from your surroundings for safety reasons and fly you to Canada, just to get Cobra away from you, then Simon you are crazy. Simon Barrett moving back to Canada, however, might not be such a bad idea.

Blogger News Network to the Rescue

Simon Barrett Rescues John H. Gohde

Simon Barrett Rescues John H. Gohde

Simon Barrett’s little stunt on Blog Talk Radio a couple of weeks ago resulted in my hobby blog breaking all records, yesterday. Thank you, Simon Barrett for being the jerk that you truly are. My blog needed a nice boost in ratings. 🙂

In addition, an anonymous primary source has stepped forward to help out this blog from time to time. It is a local person, currently residing in Florida, with connections to a few of the principal players.

Thank you, Simon Barrett, for really pissing the public off.

I would like to thank the person who made all this possible, Simon Barrett. If it was not for all his buffoonery on Blogger News Network and Blog Talk Radio, and the public’s backlash to all his conceited B/S; my hobby blog would never have received such a sudden boost in viewership.

UPDATE: Open Offer to Simon Barrett

Simon Barrett of BNN

Simon Barrett of BNN

Simon Barrett finally in receipt of a haircut sports a new look. Unfortunately, he is still prone to doing attention getting stunts on BNN and Blog Talk Radio. Since the BNN boys are still an arse most of the time who persist in blaming everyone else but themselves for their troubles, Barrett did not get the money from moi. Simon must have finally gotten a real job.