Or, Did Simon Barrett Throw Art Harris Under the Bus?

Seems that Simon had a kissy-fit over Art’s post that covered Misty Cummings’ triumphant return to Satsuma, and whether or not Art’s tips had flopped.

Allegations were raised by Simon Barrett that Art Harris had written an exclusive story and then completely changed it.

Did Simon Barrett throw Art Harris under the bus when he wrote: “What I find hugely interesting is that the Exclusive: Misty Cummings Back With Haleigh’s Dad story has changed completely since it was posted yesterday. Damn I just knew I should have taken a screen grab of it! But silly me, I assumed that the story would stand, and a retraction offered. That is the way that the real press work. Of course the internet makes it easy to change the occasional wildly off the mark story and still be right! When I run a story it is, what it is. If I am wrong, I will admit that I am wrong. I will not change my story and pretend that it never happened! Of course that makes me a very low person on the Nance show! Tell the truth, get the boot!”

What I found interesting was that Simon had basically suggested that Art Harris had somehow done something unethical or at least improper when he had allegedly completely changed his post (i.e., did not let it stand and then issue a retraction).

On the Internet, just like with email when you delete a post on a blog it is really not deleted very well.


Did Art Harris’ Tips Flop?

Art’s original version of his post can be viewed in its entirety in its cache copy.


Art Harris - Déjà vu Part 1


As you would expect, it had absolutely no comments because the post was just published. By clicking on the current page hyperlink you will see that the page has been deleted by Art. This cache copy of the post is only temporary. It will eventually change and disappear completely. So, I have provided a permanent copy of the original post in graphic format below. To make it easier to read, you can either click on the image a couple of times or use a Web Browser with Text / Graphic zooming capability.

My Google research revealed that on Thursday, October 1st, 2009 at 1:28 pm Art had published his first version. On October 2nd, he published a different version, and then deleted his first version. The URLs for the different posts were identical except for one digit, namely the date.


Art Harris - Déjà vu Part 2

Art Harris - Déjà vu Part 3


Was Simon Barrett justified in writing his above comments? Did Art Harris have a right to make major changes to his exclusive story? Should Art Harris have let his original version stand, and then issued a retraction as Simon has suggested? I will let my readers decide for themselves.