Simon Barrett is an asshole because he believes in censoring people who have actually dared to question some of his Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Haleigh Sideshows that he has been spewing out onto the Internet. I have earned the right to call Simon Barrett an asshole because the fool actually called me one on his Blog Talk Radio show. 😦

Simon Barrett is an Asshole!

Personally, I think anyone who actually calls somebody an asshole by name on Blog Talk Radio is an asshole, himself. This is precisely what Simon did on his 09/27/09 Haleigh Cummings Update between 0:03:50 and 0:04:00 of his live broadcast. Further, you can hear both Tj Hart and Cobra giggling in the background right after Simon Barrett made a fool out of himself on Blog Talk Radio. People who stoop so low to use vulgarity on the air are basically nothing but vulgar lowlifes characterized by a low IQ that matches their extremely limited vocabulary.

What is the matter, Simon? Can you not think of a bigger word that describes somebody who actually managed to nail you on all your Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Haleigh Sideshows?

You might be able to fool the brain dead zombies who religiously watch the Nancy Grace show, but you do not fool me one bit. I definitely would have to agree with PCSO on the value of Nay Nay’s Letter. What you have done has been called irresponsible journalism by PCSO.

I was very disappointed, and quite frankly, appalled by the actions of Simon Barrett.

Simon Barrett the Asshole Hates Bloggers

Even though Simon Barrett is a blogger himself on BNN, he unashamedly hates ALL bloggers. He has got this very strange notion that unless a blogger is directly helping LE find Haleigh Cummings they all should get a life, and as he puts it get a job. He is always extremely arrogant and rude to them. Simon Barrett also has this very bizarre fantasy about him single-handedly helping to find Haleigh Cummings on Blog Talk Radio with all his Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Haleigh Sideshows. Simon Barrett, Art Harris, and Tj Hart keep on changing their stories about what is going on in the Haleigh Cummings tragedy faster than anybody I have ever seen before depending on which way the wind is blowing, as part of their never ending need for Damage Control.

Simon chose to use profanity on me on Sunday September 27th, 2009 which just happened to have been the most successful day for my blog to date. I guess it was just a bit of professional jealousy on his part? Unlike Simon Barrett, I am actually a professional journalist because I only report newsworthy news on Haleigh Cummings. That vulgar low life had good reason to be jealous, since my posse and I were having a good time laughing at Simon Barrett’s Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Haleigh Sideshows.

Assholes like Simon Barrett should not be classified as a source of news in Google.

Channel 4 asked Putnam County Chief Deputy Rick Ryan about Nay Nay’s letter and the subsequent report that was aired on Nancy Grace. “Basically, because of this irresponsible journalism [of Simon Barrett], they killed this little girl off in the media,” Ryan said. “We’re still of the mindset that this child is alive, and we’re going to continue to pursue it as such until we know. Otherwise, frankly, it’s perpetuating more [Blogosphere] drama.”

Simon Barrett the Asshole was responding to me criticizing him on:

  1. Nay Nay’s Letter Debacle Exposed!
  2. BNN Exclusive Debacle Exposed!

Simon Barrett – Asshole of Blog Talk Radio

No Simon, I am NOT a listener of your Blog Talk Radio show. I gave up your Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Haleigh Sideshows; long ago. 🙂

Simon Barrett – King of Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Haleigh Sideshows

Obviously, Simon felt professionally insecure by admitting that he actually gave my blog the time of day. Simon Barrett reads my blog daily. In fact, he has invited me to be on his panel and has invited me to call in several times. Sorry, Simon Barrett but you will have to have real journalism on your show before I will ever appear on it with your major attitude problem, even as a caller. Why is Simon Barrett so interested in my Blog when I have never once called into his show? Perhaps, if you had some more listeners to your Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Haleigh Sideshows you wouldn’t feel so bad about yourself all the time, Simon?

I agree. What Simon Barrett has done is inexcusable, even if he is an asshole.

I think that I will get the asshole and BNN removed from the Google News Search engine for trying to pass off Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Haleigh Sideshows for newsworthy news. 🙂