Art Harris Responds - Exposé
Is it just me or did I actually come across a shocking revelation made on Art’s blog about a behind the scenes look at a feud that has been brewing between the principle reporters who have been covering the Haleigh Cummings tragedy: Art Harris and Tj Hart?

On one of those looney BNN posts recently made by Simon Barrett, Tj Hart supposedly announces that he will no longer be appearing on the Nancy Grace show. More damage control before being dumped by Nancy, perhaps? But, I did get a hint out of it that Tj Hart was somehow against all the false stories being reported by Art Harris.

On Art’s Exclusive: Misty Cummings Back With Haleigh’s Dad post, I draw your attention to comment #3, by justme. The comment starts off by quoting a comment that was deleted (highlighted in color). The comment never really replies directly to this quote but rather appears to be an awful lot like a reply by Art Harris to the supposed allegations being aired by his buddy Tj Hart. The comment is evened signed, Art.

Art Harris Exposé?

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I mean really, people, it is Art’s blog. Is he really going to let some bozo pose as an Art Harris impostor on his own blog?

Art Harris reports that Ron and Misty have broken up.

Art Harris reports that Ron and Misty have broken up.

What does this justme, Art Harris, impostor have to say?

“I stand by MY sources, and do not take staged photo op kissy-face sessions as the gospel. You’ve been played like a reality show.”

Which appears to be a direct reference to the WESH video that documented the two lovebirds kissing rather than fighting.

Art continues on:

“Misty may have checked in with others, but those who were familiar with her conversations with Ron tell me what I reported and believe to be accurate…when I have an update or can flesh out what I’ve reported, I will post it. Your choice whether you choose to read or not. TJ is a great guy and fine reporter, but may have had a different experience, and different sources who weren’t as plugged in as mine on this one. During other twists in the story, I tip my hat to him for getting there first with first rate reporting. Journalism is a snapshot in history, and what we often write depends on where we are standing on the sidelines as the plays go on in the backfield. Fans behind the goal posts can’t see the plays going on down the field.”

Where there it is, brought to you by a blogger who actually bothers to read the printed page, from time to time. Was this damage control performed by Art Harris? I shall leave it up to the readers of my blog to decide who is who, and who said what to whom.

But, now you know the rest of the story.

Update to Art Harris Responds – Exposé

What Art Harris originally wrote in his disputed post can be found at Art Harris – Déjà Vu.