After heavily promoting false stories about Misty fleeing from the scene of the crime, and that of a major fight between her and husband Ronald Cummings, what will Nancy Grace do next? Well, she gave her response last night – Damage Control.

Whether or not Nancy Grace actually naively believed both Art Harris and Tj Hart as her primary sources on Haleigh Cummings, I do NOT know. But, by now she must have figured it out. So, predictably she aired a totally prerecorded broadcast of old story videos, yesterday. Time heals all wounds as they say. After all, this approach has worked for Nancy in the past over and over again with the Casey Anthony story. Nobody has been able to get away with rebroadcasting old material more often than Nancy Grace has on HLN.

Simon Barrett has even commented on Nancy’s latest show being totally pointless, and so it was. But, in all fairness, I could just as easily have knocked most of Simon’s Blog Talk Radio 90 minute Haleigh Cummings updates as not worth listening to. The only difference is that Simon’s broadcasts are aired live, but a major waste of time for anyone seeking new information none the less, IMHO.

Damage Control is precisely what Simon Barrett has been doing on Blog News Network (BNN) for the past week. He has posted a number of posts trying to gradually distance himself from all the B/S, Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Nonsense, and Sideshows that his broadcasts and posts have been busily creating for weeks and weeks. Predictably, he has continued to receive a number of negative comments on his BNN posts.

Also there were rumors of a LIVE bombshell interview with both Ronald and Misty Cummings at the same time that was supposed to take place sometime this week on the Nancy Grace show. Nancy, herself, undoubtedly killed off this interview as the lovebirds would have really brought home to the public the fact that what she had been airing on her show for the last couple of weeks was total B/S. How would Nancy Grace have recovered from an affectionate kiss by the lovebirds on the air?

The only real questions left is what will Nancy Grace do next? Tj Hart has already announced that he will no longer be appearing on her show. What about Art Harris? Will Nancy continue to use him as a source?

My best guest is that either a guest host will air Friday’s show, or it will be more pre-recorded material. Unless something actually does break in the Haleigh Cummings tradegy, Nancy Grace would be wise to move onto other stories next week. However, knowing her track record with Casey Anthony; I would not put it past her to continue on with the Haleigh Cummings story. Hey, maybe she wants to spend some more time with the twins?

Is anybody looking for Haleigh? Certainly NOT Nancy Grace, Art Harris and Tj Hart!