Teresa Neves managed to outmaneuver Nancy Grace last night. She was so slick that it kind of makes you wonder whether she is more of an enabler of Misty, than Ronald Cummings is.

A few days ago, in Haleigh Cummings – Nancy Disgraced, which has just been updated with a link to an EXCLUSIVE video, I pointed out that Nancy Grace had made a major blunder when she claimed that Misty Cummings had ran off after Ronald Cummings had thrown her clothes out on the lawn.

Well, Nancy just announced that Misty is back in town. It was not that big a deal, Teresa explains to Grace. It was no firestorm actually, just a nice little vacation for Misty with Ron and Junior. Teresa Neves ended her interview by outmaneuvering Nancy Grace once again with a sharp parting comment. Ouch! Maybe Nancy had better rethink her sources of information: Art Harris and Tj Hart.

Teresa’s little planned vacation was so successful that it makes you kind of wonder who is enabling Misty more: Ronald Cummings or Teresa Neves? For somebody allegedly broken up over the lost of Haleigh, she apparently thinks that a little rest and relaxation is exactly what Misty needed.