Previously, I exposed Nay Nay’s Letter to be complete rubbish in Nay Nay’s Letter Debacle Exposed! In Simon’s latest post, he insists upon continuing his folly with Part 2 of Nay Nay’s letter.

Knocking Simon is getting to be easier than complaining about the rudeness of Nancy Grace.

In BNN Exclusive – Haleigh Cummings – Another Jail House Letter Surfaces Simon Barrett’s never-ending sideshow updates get funnier and funnier.

Remember how Tom Miller found listening to Ronald and Misty Cummings for any extended period of time to be head spinning in Tim Miller on Geraldo at Large? I feel the same way after trying to follow Simon Barrett on Blog News Network. This was the same dude who just a few weeks ago was complaining about all the “Internet Stupidity“, “Blogosphere Crap“, and “Sideshows” being floated about on the Web. Yet, he has now become unashamedly the exclusive source of the latest rubbish on Haleigh.

Simon Barrett has also said in the past that he is not a blogger. If he is not a blogger, then why does he post on BNN somethimes three or four times a day about his own version of what he once called: “Internet Stupidity” and “Blogosphere Crap“. Remember PCSO’s Haleigh’s 6th birthday press release.

“Sheriff Hardy cautions that because there are many who claim to be valid media outlets, that citizens should be careful not to fall into the trap of believing, or by accident spreading, the untrue and unreliable claims and assumptions of many bloggers who claim to be knowledgeable in the case.”

IMHO, Sheriff Hardy was talking about Simmon Barrett on BNN. Why? Because BNN is the only blog that shows up on Google News searches for Haleigh.

In every lie there is a grain of truth. Just about the only truth to be found in Nay Nay’s letter was that some tipster had claimed to LE that Haleigh’s body had been dumped in one of the many ponds of the Mondex land development fiasco. This is the tip that resulted in one pond being drained.

In this post, Simon points out that Cobra has been working very hard to turn up all this rubbish on Nay Nay. He has manage to come up with a second letter which is two pages long.

Okay, let me state the obvious. Nay Nay just like Casey Anthony wants to buy stuff at the jail canteen. Nay Nay has one way or another come up with a bit of interesting news. She, also, has a mailing list of suckers who occasionally will send her money. Now do the math, Simon. She wrote each person on her fund raising mailing list a variation of the same basic letter.

It is kind of like the introduction to the Nancy Grace show where she fills up the first five minutes of each new broadcast with the same drivel, over and over again! I just hope that Nay Nay’s mailing list does not contain too many names, so that Simon and Cobra wont have to embarrass themselves much longer.