Art Harris reports that Ron and Misty have broken up.

Art Harris reports that Ron and Misty have broken up.

Ronald Cummings throws Misty's Clothes on the lawn.

Ronald Cummings throws Misty's Clothes on the lawn.


Within less than one day, LE has already started to call Nancy Grace’s airing of Nay Nay’s letter irresponsible journalism. Indeed, it was stupidity beyond belief that I had called correctly in Nay Nay’s Letter Debacle Exposed. After all, all one had to do was to actually read the letter.



Did Art Harris Get It Wrong?

Why was Nancy Grace, disgraced, once again? All you have to do is look at her sources of information. I would not be surprised at all, if all the recent Haleigh Cummings sideshows did not originate from the circus of cyber paranoia at BNN.

Art Harris on Haleigh Cummings: Ron, Misty Fight!

As ludicrous as it was, Nay Nay’s letter was just small potatoes. The biggest farce of all was Nancy reporting that Misty Cummings had ran off after Ronald Cummings had thrown her clothes out on the lawn. Nothing could have been further from the truth! Nancy went with Art and ignored the report made by Channel 2 WESH TV Orlando, Florida contemporaneously of Misty going on vacation with a friend. Art, not only did Ronald NOT throw Misty’s clothes out, he didn’t carry them at all. But, he did lovingly walk her to her friend’s car in an affectionate moment between the lovebirds that was captured on video.

From the WESH video, it looks like to me that Ronald and Misty are anything but stressed out. 😦

Media Ignores Biggest Nancy Grace Bombshell of All Time

It appears to me that this story will soon be the biggest farce of all time aired on the Nancy Grace, disgraced show. In reality, it is starting to appear that Misty went on a vacation to Orlando, Florida. It was a planned outing for the entire family. Ronald and junior had to cancel joining Misty at the theme parks of Orlando, Florida due to intense media scrutiny. Seems that the Cummings have plenty of money to spend. And, that Misty is having another good laugh at the public’s expense. Yes, when Misty returns to Ron she should be completely stress free.

Just like when the Cyber Paranoid types who like to hang out on BNN reported that LE had recovered an auto from the Mondex pond draining debacle because a local with a real life had to have their car towed, I am willing to bet that one of the Simon nut jobs that he is activity encouraging on his circus, misconstrued Misty kissing Ronald goodbye and driving off with a female friend, as a major fight.

National Media Ignores Haleigh Sideshow

Why do I say this? Look at Nancy Grace’s primary sources of information that she airs repeatedly on the Haleigh Cummings case: Tj Hart and Art Harris. Now try to tell me that both of these journalists have not been associated with a weekly radio talk show on Blog Talk Radio. And, that a certain Simon has not been posting on his BNN blog about Tj Hart pronouncements and other rumor mongering, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. Has not Simon Barrett repeatedly stated on BNN that he is in daily communication with Tj Hart?

Then try to follow some of the comments posted on BNN by people clearly without a life. Do these people even know how to read, let alone spell? Sadly, I expect that their reading comprehension level is close to zero. 😦

The sad reality is that the Haleigh Cummings case is dead in the water. Nothing newsworthy is going on at all. But as long as Nancy Grace’s irresponsible journalism can achieve high viewer ratings, why would she care? Nancy must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Is it any wonder why nationwide, LE is starting to get consistently tight lipped about everything, refusing to release any information on local crimes to the press at all?