The latest sideshow being promoted by pseudo-media news organizations is a letter written by Nay Nay in jail that allegedly reveals that Haleigh died from a drug overdose. As usual, nothing could be further from the truth. When will these Haleigh sideshow whores ever learn their lesson?

Here is an accurate transcript of Nay, Nay’s letter.

Click to enlarge Nay Nay Letter

Click to enlarge Nay Nay Letter

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hey Donnie

I got interrogated again by the detectives about the Haleigh case. [Yo]u are not going to believe what they told me. They said that our friend Joe Pytko went to the detectives and wrote a sworn affidavit that I was with Misty, Whiteboy Greg, and Haleigh & Jr. the night of Haleigh’s disappearance which you know that I was at your house. Well anyhow he said that we were all over at a party at Chad’s house and Haleigh had gotten hold of some Oxycotten and died. We supposedly freaked out and Greg put her in a black bag in my car and we took her to a pond by the Mondex. The detectives got my car from the junkyard yesterday to do some CSI, DNA Sh*t. When you see your friend you need to ask him why the f*ck he would make up some bullsh*t like that and put me in the middle of a homicide investigation! I am going to slap that motherf**ker in the face if I ever see him. You know that I was with you that night! Well just had to let you know what was going on.

Love Always, Nay Nay

Now, does Nay Nay’s letter actually say what these media whores have been claiming? Of course, not.

A careful reading reveals that Nay Nay was conveying third-hand information to her boyfriend in private correspondence. In other words, she simply wrote about what the detectives had told her.

I mean really, people! Detectives have been known to lie during their interrogations. They will often claim that their buddy sold them out, in order to get them to turn on each other.

Here is my interpretation of this Nay Nay sideshow. This entire non-news story is totally bogus. The detectives quoted by Nay Nay lied in a failed attempt to get information out of her. At the very least it was a story that was cooked up by inmate Joe Pytko, rather than Nay, Nay. What was PCSO’s response to this letter? Putnam County Sheriff’s deputies said for good reason that the letter is not worth a comment.

Now you can thank Nancy Grace, Art Harris, Simon Barrett and others for getting you all worked up over absolutely nothing.

Simon, I do NOT need any primary sources. I prefer to use my brain. You should try it, once in a while.