The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) is having to spend some extra money investigating the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings now that they have interviewed Timothy Croslin, the brother of Haleigh’s stepmother, Misty Cummings, and his wife, Chelsea, last Saturday in Massachusetts. Of course, one does wonder why PCSO waited 7 months to conduct interviews based upon Misty’s cellphone records the night that Haleigh went missing.

While PCSO has remained tight lipped about their interviews, the Croslins themselves are now speaking out about what they were asked. It was all about the timeline of the night that Haleigh went missing. Earlier that day in February, Misty had recounted during the Tim Miller test debacle that her brother had actually been fooling around outside of her residence. Who did Misty Croslin call when she first discovered Haleigh missing? It was not 911, but rather her brother Timothy. PCSO wanted to know what was said during all those phone calls.

Chelsea Croslin recounted that there was both a Putnam County Sheriff’s Office investigator and an officer, as well as two Massachusetts State Troopers conducting their interviews.

I ask: What in the world was PCSO doing for the last seven months, if they waited this long to conduct these obvious interviews? They must have spent all their time talking to Tj Hart, and busting Cobra, IMHO. They certainly were not doing their job, contrary to the misinformation coming from Tj.

Chelsea told Action News – Jacksonville, Florida:

“She’s like my little sister. I’m not trying to say shes not a smart person, but you know, Misty dropped out of school in the 6th grade. She doesn’t have that much book smarts to be able to fool the FBI and FDLE and every other person that came there and interrogated her for hours and hours and hours and Lie detected her over and over and over.”

How does a 11 or 12 year old child drop out of school in the 6th grade in America? Illegal immigrant families come to the states in droves for the free education, yet the Croslin family was apparently too dumb to take advantage of the public school system. I think that it is more likely that Misty’s mom pulled her out of school due to their alleged drug doing ways than it was a case of an independent 6th grader deciding that school was not for her.

It is a fact that in America, most career blue-collar criminals dropped out of school because they could not read too well.

Chelsea further revealed that “until something [more is] proven, we’re not going to believe it. Because we believe [in] Misty. We know how good and great she is with our kids … She is one of the best people with children out there.” Maybe so, but I think that Misty Cummings’ career as a babysitter ended some seven months ago.

While many families end up breaking up over the lost of a child, Misty’s immediate family has only grown stronger. While she appears to have broken up with her extended birth family, which I find to be more than a bit odd. Misty certainly would be in a world of hurt, if she ever broke up with Ronald Cummings. With only a 6th grade education, no money, no family to fall back on for support, and no job skills she has absolutely no way of supporting herself.

Misty Cummings sounds exactly like the type of person that Ted Kennedy has been trying to attract to Massachusetts. But without a child of her own, will she be able to collect welfare?

Misty is so torn up over all the media scrutiny, that she is reported to be releasing a statement to the press on Monday.