Even though Lisa Croslin looks just like her daughter Misty, they apparently do NOT get along together too well. I wonder why?

Misty Cummings’ Mother, Lisa Croslin, thinks that her daughter is holding back information in the disappearance of Haleigh.

Lisa reports that she is tired of it. And, that she is intent upon leaving Florida. She is rumored to be soon joining her son Tommy in Massachusetts. Cape Cod might be providing better family benefits, but come this winter the Croslins will soon learn why their cost of living is so high. Personally, I would not like having to deal with ten feet of snow. Learning to live with cold weather should be quite a shock to anybody used to semi-tropical Florida weather.

More new information was provided in this short video than in the latest audio interview of Tj Hart by Simon Barrett on BNN. This should not surprise anyone. I know because, I suffered through all 60 minutes of Tj this morning.

Ronald’s burglary charge day in court is next Friday. It will certainly keep the Cummings and Haleigh in the news. And, it will be interesting to see whether or not the case is dismissed.

Misty Cummings must not like anybody, including her own mother, who thinks that Haleigh Cummings is more important than she is?