I have noticed that many females have absolutely no problem resolving Misty from any guilt in the Haleigh Cummings tradegy, merely because she is a female.

Back in early April this blog established a Motive for Misty doing away with Haleigh in Haleigh Cummings-Motives Have Been Established. Which is pretty similar to what Tim Miller recently claimed was Ronald Cumming’s theory as to what had happened the night that Haleigh went missing. According to Tim, Ron thought that Haleigh had accidentally walked in on Misty making out with somebody, where upon the big mouth Haleigh proclaimed that she was going to tell Daddy.

Recall that Misty was coming off of “a three-day party of sex, cocaine, pot, and pills” during the weekend immediately before Haleigh disappearance. We heard from Nancy Grace that there was some type of a major cellphone argument between Misty and Ronald that took place at about 8:30 p.m. on February 9th. Misty then turns off her cell phone. The new element of a fight during the night that Haleigh went missing introduces the passion of revenge as a possible third motive for Misty doing away with Haleigh Cummings. Perhaps, Misty desired to get even with Ron once again?

I favor this scenario over Misty being drugged out since if she was that out of it, I doubt seriously that she would have been able to have recovered by 3 am. If Misty did away with Haleigh because of her big mouth, either way, the rival suitor was quickly dumped when she married Ronald Cummings.