Misty and Ronald Cummings have steadily been reported on by attack dog Nancy Grace. While Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch has been busy in the background blabbing about both Misty and Ronald Cummings to the press. But, is anybody searching for Haleigh?

What in the world has been going on with Misty and Ronald Cummings? First, Nancy Grace appeared to have gotten a bombshell interview with Ronald Cummings this Monday. Then on Tuesday both Misty and Ronald Cummings were interviewed on WJXT-TV, Channel 2, an NBC affiliate in Jacksonville, Florida.

So, what is Misty and Ronald’s problem? Well, it appears that they are on the warpath against Tim Miller. Why? Apparently, Tim has loose lips when it comes to both Misty and Ronald.

Beyond the well reported story that Misty Cummings failed the polygraph miserably, Ronald Cummings apparently told some stuff to Tim Miller in confidence. Why? Who knows? It could have been as simple as Ronald telling Tim what he wanted to hear. At any rate, Tim managed to leak Ron’s comments. Ron’s comments about Misty were referenced on Monday’s Nancy Grace. Even if true, Tim Miller should have been smart enough to realize that making those comments public would put Ronald in hot water with Misty.

Apparently in response to Misty’s and Ronald’s appearance on Channel 2 TV in Jacksonville, Florida; Tim Miller confirmed his statements on audio to Tj Hart.

A heck of a lot of accusations have been flying around lately in the Haleigh Cummings tradegy. But, is anybody looking for Haleigh? If Misty and Ronald Cummings can prove that Tim Miller took them out of town during the week of August 20th, Tim might actually be in trouble. It is a basic rule of interviewing people, that you always need to have a witness in order to protect yourself from any possible future accusations and lawsuits. The need for a collaborating witness especially applies to any overnight stays, that precede you blabbing to the press that Misty Cummings “failed miserably.”

It has been a real circus. We finally have gotten to hear and see both Misty and Ronald Cummings in action, after a very long period of no information. At this point, I personally would never tell Tim Miller anything in confidence for fear that he would immediately start blabbing it to somebody else. As well as fear, that I would be misquoted. There is nothing worst than having some idiot misunderstanding what you told them and then going around to people claiming that you said something, that you never ever said at all.