Tim Miller recently setup three different tests for Misty Cummings, the costs which were paid for by Texas Equusearch. The polygraph was conducted in Orlando, Florida whereas the Voice Analysis and Hypnosis tests took place in Satsuma.

No video in any formant appears to be available to the public of the actual polygraph examination that was conducted by D. Craig Harper, an independent polygraph expert.

A copy of the actual Hypnosis and Voice Analysis examinations has finally turned up on YouTube, thanks to the Gainesville Sun.

Misty’s voice analysis examination was conducted by TJ Ward, a voice analysis expert, most notable for his work on the Natalee Holloway case. Ward has stated that he was using “Layered Voice Analysis” software produced by Israel-based Nemesysco Ltd., technology which is reported to have been developed to combat terrorism in Israel.

Misty Cummings under hypnosis was conducted by John Gastar, a former NYPD Detective with 35 years experience in hypnosis. Gastar is claiming that Misty resisted his attempts to hypnotize her. Then just as obviously this expert should be well aware of the fact that people with low IQ’s, or those who have concentration disorders, seem to have a harder time being hypnotized. That pretty well describes Misty, a known drug user with a 7th grade education.

The public should keep in mind that all three examinations is not considered to be evidence that can be admitted into a court of law. They are just various forms of quackery that some authoritarian types would use to convict a ham sandwich if they could get away with it.

I ask why fool around with all this nonsense. Why not go for the truth serum: Sodium Pentothal which has been popularized by Hollywood?